Best 10 Golf GPS Range Finder Apps

Fast, accurate and easy to use, these golf GPS rangefinder apps will take care of the calculations, letting you focus on your game!

Tired of obstacles ruining your great golf game? Experience an entirely new way to play with these GPS rangefinder apps that measure range for you! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, improve your game and swing your way to victory.

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Best 10 Golf GPS Range Finder Apps

    • #1

    Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

    Golf Pad GPS


    Golf Pad GPS is fast & accurate golf GPS rangefinder, shot tracker and scorecard

    Why we love this

    1. Get fast and accurate GPS access to over 40,000 golf courses from around the world
    2. Every feature you could possibly need including a PGA-quality scorecard and a one-tap shot tracker to record stats on each of your shots
    3. An extremely helpful GPS rangefinder that is free and lets you instantly know the distances no matter what direction

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    • #2

    18Birdies: Golf GPS App

    18Birdies LLC

    100K+ Report Sports

    The best GPS Rangefinder, Digital Scorecard, Stats, Side Games & Tournament app

    Why we love this

    1. Track yardage toward the pin anywhere on over 35,000 courses across the globe with an accurate mobile GPS rangefinder powered by Google Maps
    2. Get rid of that pencil and paper! Use the digital scorecard with a beautiful layout that makes it simple to keep track of scoring to up to 4 players
    3. Keep the fun going no matter your skill level with side games to add friendly wagers to each round
    • #3

    Golf GPS by SwingxSwing

    Swing by Swing Golf GPS


    + Scorecard, Stats & Handicap

    Why we love this

    1. A GPS rangefinder that is so fast and accurate it will tell you the exact distance to the pin and even the obstacles on the course
    2. One tap of the finger is all you need to use this easy and reliable tool that is constantly updating to improve your experience
    3. Easily track your scores with a lot of extras that include a digital scorecard that automatically advances by the hole

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    • #4

    Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard


    100K+ Report Sports

    Play better golf & lower your scores with our best FREE Golf GPS & Scoring App

    Why we love this

    1. Want to play better golf? Get this GPS rangefinder that works on over 40,000 courses around the world for an accurate distance to the pin
    2. Improve your game and lower your scores with statistic tracking to enhance your performance on the green
    3. It does everything! Including a digital scorecard and even booking and planning your round on over 3,000 courses in USA, Portugal, and Spain
    • #5

    GolfLogix #1 Free Golf GPS App

    GolfLogix Golf GPS


    #1 Golf App Worldwide - 6 Years in a Row

    Why we love this

    1. Get extremely accurate GPS distances that are helpful on every golf course from around the world, all for free
    2. Keep track of your shot's distance with an easy to use free yardage book of the course that comes in 3D images with vibrant colors
    3. A great tool that gives you tips on improving your game with 4-player scoring, stats, and handicap tracker

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    • #6

    GolfNow: Tee Time Deals at Golf Courses, Golf GPS

    GolfNow - Mobile Development Team


    Amazing tee time deals at 6,000+ golf courses. Free golf GPS & scoring included.

    Why we love this

    1. Find the best of the best courses, easier! Book tee times no matter the time at over 6,000 courses worldwide
    2. Helpful search capabilities enhance the golfer's experience to find and make reservations for tee times
    3. Discover great deals anytime, anywhere with Hot Deals to find discounts that can help you save up to 80%

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    • #7

    Golfshot: Golf GPS + Tee Times

    Shotzoom Software

    500K+ Report Sports

    Enjoy a whole new golf experience with Golfshot's game-improving features.

    Why we love this

    1. Scope out the green with zoom in details thanks to satellite imagery for a one of a kind golf experience
    2. Improve your game with enlightening statistics and in-depth analysis on each section of your play
    3. Intuitive scorecard layout makes it easy to use and keep track of your own game or your foursome

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    • #8

    Golf GPS Range Finder (Yardage & Course Locator)

    InfoTalk Corporation

    50K+ Report Sports

    Simple, Accurate, Fast, 100% Free Golf GPS Rangefinder, 35,000+ Courses Mapped

    Why we love this

    1. This no-nonsense tool gives you complete GPS rangefinder with accurate and quick results
    2. It has everything! Including a complete map of the course right at your fingertips that you can even remap the whole course to move tee or flag
    3. So much information on thousands of courses that are mapped and readily available for download
    • #9

    Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie

    Folla Media, LLC


    Free Golf GPS & Rangefinder; most accurate Free Golf GPS app for Android devices

    Why we love this

    1. Spot on GPS data that is accurate on over 30,000 golf courses around the world
    2. A unique and useful tool to find the distances to markers, bunkers, hazards, and doglegs
    3. Navigate easier with auto-scrolling for very clear and simple to read measurements
    • #10

    Golf GPS Range Finder Free

    Mozosoft Apps

    500K+ Report Sports

    Easy and Accurate. Use this GPS rangefinder on ANY golf course.

    Why we love this

    1. Just press the bottom button to begin measuring! Yes, it is that easy to get accurate measurements on the fairway
    2. This is your eye in the sky! Zoom in on your location to any hole you are playing on no matter where you are in the world
    3. Get better results in your game with an easy to use shot planning system that only takes a couple taps of the finger to take points off your stroke

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