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Best 10 World News Apps
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World News

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In the dynamic and exciting arena of world news, journalists work hard to deliver the latest from across the globe.

World news or foreign coverage, as itis commonly referred to, is the colloquial term used to denote news from abroad. If we, for example, reside in the US, all the latest news coming from outside of the country will be classified as international news and normally be featured in a special section of the newspaper or in a previously allotted time slot. These can cover politics and finance, as well as science and culture. Sports and weather are commonly reported on separately. The history of world news as we know it today stretches back to at least the 17th century when the Daily Courant (UK) and Courante Uyt Italien, Duytsland & C. (The Netherlands) established themselves as the supreme sources of information and news from faraway lands. Aimed mostly at merchants and high profile bankers, they provided business-related reports and commented on changes on the market. During the 19th century, with the rise of literacy, the telegraph, and better connections between the continents, journalism became a wide-spread phenomenon and current affairs from across the globe were reported on a regular basis. The two World Wars saw the rise of war journalism while today, thanks to the internet, we can have news from every part of the platen at our fingertips, at all times.

International news traditionally counts on foreign correspondents to stay informed, do their research, digest the current affairs and report them to their home country. These journalists usually reside in a foreign country - most commonly in its capital - and cover the region they find themselves in. Regularly filing news to the chief editor, they select the hottest topic and the most relevant trends to report on, making an effort to offer an unbiased and objective view of a place that, to many of their readers, will be almost completely unknown. These journalists rarely have an opportunity to specialize but instead cover the widest variety of themes - from politics to sports, and from the arts to military topics. Normally, foreign correspondents are picked based on their experience as journalists but also their fluency in the language of the country they are being sent to. They commonly deliver the material on a daily or weekly basis and their ability to truly integrate themselves into the community can be of tremendous help in doing their job well. Members of the community, local news as well as local officials are their main sources of information, along with events they have a chance to witness in person.

Special envoys are a subcategory of foreign correspondents. Unlike their more common counterparts, these journalists are sent to a specific location to cover a specific event or succession of events, after which they return to their home post. A staple of world news in times of crisis or on grand occasions and important events, they are becoming increasingly rare as news agencies rely on local talent to report from many different locations around the globe. In short, foreign correspondents cover breaking news and less important trends while special envoys are dedicated to more important, pre-planned occasions. Coronations, large conventions, major international meetings and important treaty signings would be within the scope of the special envoy. Today, only major media companies such as the BBC, CNN ABC, US News and World Report and Daily Report still employ them on a regular basis while, in the case of smaller agencies, the roles of the foreign correspondent and the envoy are largely merged into one.

An indispensable part of the world of information, news agencies are independent organisations used to supply television, radio, newspapers and magazines with the latest and the hottest from around the globe. They gather journalists specialising in a number of different fields under a single umbrella and allow them to work in a dynamic environment, collecting and systematising all the information that may prove useful to major news outlets. These agencies can often number several hundred employees and may or may not specialise in certain types of news. Colloquially, they are also referred to as wire service, news wire or news service. They commonly prepare articles they sell to other outlets which may be used with little to no modification by the buying party (as long as the original source is quoted, naturally). These were, in the past, delivered through wire services while, today, the convenience of the internet is employed for this purpose. In addition to major TV stations and magazines, news agencies also often deliver world news to corporations, analysts as well as intelligence agencies, and even individuals.

The advent of the internet has created some tectonic changes in the ways in which world news are delivered to the interested public. Agencies that have relied on their own foreign correspondents to supply the information from abroad have largely switched to outsourcing and now employ locals to deliver the latest. In addition, official news sources of the nation are used to access some of the more conventional news and the services of a correspondent are sought only when an attendance to an event or some active research are required. Media outlets have also experienced change. The good old CNN, BBC and US News are, of course, still around, but agencies such as Yeshiva World News, King World News, Daily Report and Al Jazeera are slowly taking over a fair share of the market. Certain unexpected players have also entered the arena, with even Disney finding its way into the world of news. In addition, an increasing segment of the population is relying on their own research to obtain the latest from France, the daily digest from India, the hottest from China or the most current from Japan. Sites such as Facebook and Reddit have helped make this an easy task but have also exacerbated the issue of fake news. In the dynamic world of the 21st century, world news are just as exciting.

Best 10 World News Apps

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