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Sudoku is a game that is a puzzle where you have to place numbers in the correct space. 

The game of sudoku originates in France. The game that was played was a similar number game that is wildly popular today. This version of sudoku was printed in French newspapers in the 1800s. This game differed from today's sudoku because the puzzle was meant to be solved using math. This is not the case of today's sudoku because the puzzles today can be solved using logic or however you choose to figure out the answer. Regardless of the differences though, the game eventually evolved into sudoku. The game eventually got edited by the French newspapers, the puzzle would not be a 9x9 square. Players would also only be allowed to use number one through nine to fill the puzzle up. This is how today's Sudoku is set up and you can see the differences in the games because of how the square was set up. In the 1970s and 1980s puzzle games became more and more popular. Whether they appeared in newspapers or in puzzle books that people could play, puzzle games had become something that people enjoyed solving in their free time. 

Sudoku reached Japan in the 1980s. The game was introduced to the public using newspapers as it once did to the French people a century before this. The game originally had a longer Japanese name but was shortened and trademarked by the Japanese and that is why the game is called sudoku today.  Though the game had the same exact design and rules as the American and French puzzle, the Japanese made some edits such as making sure the number you got was no more than 32. Today, we can access this version of Sudoku. In the 1990s a judge would make the game sudoku even more popular by getting British newspapers to print the puzzles that he created. This is how sudoku became even more popular than it was. The game became so popular after this, there was even a television program that was a live game of sudoku where people play against each other on television. Japan also played a large role in making the game popular by reaching out to other nation's newspapers and promoting the game. 

Sudoku games can vary based on the grid and how many spaces it has. There are grids that are 3x3 and the most popular ones are 9x9. The 9x9 grids are considered to be standard sudoku grids. For people that enjoy doing more challenging sudoku or just want more quantity, there are 12x12 grids and 16x16 grids. These grids offer more of a challenge and are hard for the player because they have to fill more squares to solve the puzzle. These bigger grids can also take a long time to solve but can be a great challenge for those that want it. For people who are beginners or if a child wants to play sudoku, there are 3x2 and 6x6 grids that are easier to fill. These can give you a general idea of what sudoku is and how to solve a puzzle before taking on any of the larger grids and is easy. There are also other variations of the game that offer different kinds of challenges. There are also 2048 puzzles that are different from sudoku but can help you practice your puzzle solving skills. If you enjoy more of a challenge there are sudoku games that have the alphabet in it and even Roman numerals. This can make the game more exciting for those who like to solve a lot of sudoku puzzles but do not want to do the same puzzles all the time. 

The game of sudoku is one that is not that complicated to learn and is a fun puzzle to play if you are looking for some brain teasers. The objective of the game is to fill all the squares of the sudoku grid. To begin the game you given some squares that are filled with numbers. Using these numbers your task is to fill the rest of the grid with numbers ranging from one through nine. Some basic rules are that the number you use cannot appear more than once in a row or a column. The sum of all the numbers in a row or column must match the given number. 

With the Internet becoming accessible and available to all, sudoku has grown as well. Many websites online allow you to play different variations of the game Sudoku and you can find exactly what you are looking for. Instead of doing sudoku from a newspaper you can now choose from other sources as well for your entertainment. This has made web sudoku so popular that newspapers like USA Today has created sudoku puzzles online for people to play. If you want to play sudoku online there are many different websites and apps you can use to help you do so. Krazydad sudoku and sudoku kingdom are two examples of different puzzles you can find online to play. If you would like to do sudoku but still want to use a pen and paper you can find a printable puzzle or printable sudoku grids that you can use instead of playing online. If you want to play daily sudoku the Internet is a great place to find it because you can search through thousands of puzzles so you find something challenging and fun. Sudoku solver samurai is a game that can help you learn sudoku easily. You can also learn how to play sudoku using online games and apps to practice so you get better and understand how the puzzle works in a quick way. Regardless of what you want to learn, you can find great sudoku tips online whenever you want. 

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