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Roulette is a casino game played with a roulette ball and wheel. The game is played all over the world. 

Roulette was first played in France in the 1700s. The word roulette itself is a French word that means little wheel. Though the game was made popular and refined by the French, it has Italian influences and other countries had variations of the game. These all eventually reached France where it evolved into the game that it is today. The game began to be played in casinos in the 1790s and reached other countries like America in the 1800s. The game blew up in popularity and ended up in every casino in Europe. One of the most famous places to gamble known as Monte Carlo became a popular place to go play roulette

Francois and Louis Blanc were two significant figures who helped develop the modern day European roulette. These two men came up with the concept of a single zero type roulette wheel. Even though they had developed a great game and came up with some edits to it, gambling was illegal in France at the time. This led the two Frenchmen to move to Germany to see if their game would do well. The game caught on quickly with people who enjoyed casino games and enjoyed gambling in Germany and this is what made roulette extremely successful. Francois and Louis Blanc were then asked to build a new casino in  Monte Carlo. This casino became arguably the best casino in Europe. Monte Carlo was and is a great place for anyone who likes to gamble in a casino that was better than anything in other parts of Europe. Today Monte Carlo is still known for its gambling scene and is a destination for a lot of people that want to enjoy their time playing card games like roulette, poker, and blackjack. 

Most of the time, people play roulette with the intent of betting money and winning. In casino roulette, the gambling rules are pretty much the same and they have a certain set of rules that players have to follow. To bet on a game, a player has to choose a number that the roulette ball will land on. They can also use a roulette strategy that allows them to bet on the ball landing in a specific area of the wheel instead of an exact number. By betting on a specific area, it increases the possibility of winning the bet. Most casinos have rules about how many bets a person can place in a game. Usually, a person can continue to place bets on the roulette game until the roulette table dealer decides to stop them. There is also a minimum amount of bets a person can place in a roulette game. This could be to make the game more competitive and keep it exciting because players will continue to add bet money. There are also different kinds of roulette wheels, the European roulette wheel is different than the American wheel. The layout of the European layout has a single zero and the American layout is usually a double zero. 

Roulette is still one of the most popular games that people go to casinos to play but it has lost a little bit of its former excitement and popularity. There are a lot of other games that roulette competes with so over time the game gradually became less popular than it used to be. However, today technology has improved so much that with the help of the Internet people have regained some of their interest in roulette. Online card games have become something that is very popular among people who enjoy gambling, you can find everything from solitaire to roulette online. Due to people being busy or unable to go to a real casino to gamble people have turned to the Internet to play card games like roulette. Not only is it easy to access but roulette online allows you to enjoy a game of roulette wherever you are and in the privacy of your own home. Many people dislike the atmosphere of a casino because of the noise level or the crowds so they have found that playing roulette free online is a better fit for them. There are even some casino websites or games that allow you to bet fake or in-game money that way you don't have to lose all of your real money. For people that do not know how to play roulette, they can learn to play by themselves and develop their roulette strategy in their own time. Instead of going to a roulette table at a casino you can relax at home and play a game of roulette without any disturbances. 

Betting in roulette is a pretty significant part of the game if you are playing in a casino. There are two kinds of bets that a player can make while playing roulette. The call bet is the first kind and it is when the player calls out their intent to bet money but does not put any of their money on the roulette table. This can be illegal in some places because no one knows for sure whether the player actually has the money to pay the bet if they lose. This is why it is controversial and some casinos choose not to allow it as well. The second kind of bet is an announced bet where the player places the amount of money he or she is betting before they know of the outcome of their spin. This means that they would have the money already there on the table if they were to lose so that the dealer doesn't have to worry about them not having it. If they have the money on the table there is no issue and if they win they don't lose the money either. 

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