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Finding wines from all over the world at any budget is now possible due to wine finding search engines. Equally, sites also provide a wealth of information and reviews about wines. 

Wine searcher is a search engine created in 1998 by Martin Brown. It enables its users to find wines from all around the world as well as links them to retailers where they can purchase the wines. The wine database grows daily by automated and manual procedures. It is also monitored for incorrect or outdated listings that are deleted. If a merchant or winery does not find their product in the search engine, they can add it free of cost. The database is also built by the lists given from auction houses, retailers, and producers. Most wine search engine companies employ web developers, account managers, administrative positions, wine experts, and writers. In addition to the employees creating the content for the site, users also add content by writing reviews or wine recommendations on particular products and vintages. Most wine search engines and databases have free memberships and pro memberships available. Alternatively, wine merchants or retailers can pay a yearly fee to have their wines featured or boosted in the listings. Profits for the wine search engine generally come from these yearly fees as well as advertising on the site. 

Wine searcher apps and other wine databases offer a variety of products and services to keep users returning to the site or app. Products are vetted by wine experts. For example, many product lists from merchants, retailers, and wineries from all over the world are given to the experts to check over before adding to the database. Information about the wine itself, the region, the vineyard, etc., is checked for factual reference. Other services include an encyclopedia of information on wines from varietals, regions, vintages, and history. If users have any questions about wine or region, they should be able to find the answer here. Most importantly, the wine finder sites give users wine prices and ratings. Here, users can access the large database of wines and use the wine finder by taste, price point, region, and other filters decided by the user. A cheap wine finder filter can be used to find wines in a user's deliverable area for under $20.
Once users have found a wine they would like to purchase, the wind finder app or site can send them to a third party shop where users can purchase the wine and have it delivered to their area

Writers keep up to date with what's new or trending in the wine world and write articles or blogs on the topics. For example, articles or blogs can be written about a particular region that is proving to produce very well, the best wine for wine snobs, highlights of a country's best varietal, or simply cheap wine blogs that tell users about the latest in budget-friendly wines. The best wine apps with databases still have articles and blogs for user knowledge and entertainment. Not only are articles a source of entertainment, but they can also help spread news that is important to the wine community. In one instance, trouble with trade between countries could pose some difficulties for importers getting wine to an important country client. Similarly, if a country that produces a lot of the world's wine consumption undergoes a natural disaster like drought or flooding, it would be beneficial for retailers as well as consumers to be aware of. Entertainment and education is also a goal of these articles and blogs. It can also be valuable to the merchants and retailers to get articles written about some of the producers in their portfolio to gain more attention and interest. 

Along with articles and blogs, most wine search engines and databases have an encyclopedia section on their site and in their app. This is important for keeping users engaged and coming to the site for more than browsing wines. If a user wants to learn about particular varietals and what regions they grow in, they need only to look here. Similarly, if users are looking to buy a wine that is grown in a less popular region, they might want to learn more about that region for purchasing. Here, in the section of the site, they can learn about the world's wine regions and gain interest in buying wines from different regions. Then, users never have to leave the site to learn about wines, find a particular wine, and then move onto purchasing all from the same site. 

Another important aspect of the wine finder sites is the user reviews and ratings. A wine rating can tell the user what other consumers thought about the wine and that can be a big deciding factor in whether they purchase the wine or not. Not only do other users review the wines, but experts can also have a total wine review including a numerical rating system. If a user sees a wine with a score of 99 from Robert Parker, they will know that a wine expert has tried the wine and given it a very high score. Conversely, users do tend to rely on the reviews of other users to decide on purchasing wine. Consumer ratings are an important feature in addition to the description of the wine. For example, if a wine's description claims that the wine is dry with robust cherry and dark red fruits, then the user review should confirm that claim. If a user reads a glowing review about the great red fruit flavors and how it matched perfectly with the meal they prepared, then the next consumer is more likely to proceed to purchase. 

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