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Best 10 Apps for Recipes
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Cooking Recipes

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Recipe cooking is the process of following a series of instructions to prepare a dish. Typically, these include an ingredients list, the cooking procedure and the number of servings the dish yields.

The earliest evidence of recorded cooking techniques is found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs circa 3100 BC, where images of people cooking food are depicted. However, the oldest evidence of written recipes is found on a tablet from ancient Babylonia, from around 1600 BC.

Other early evidence of recipes collections date back to Greek cookbooks from the 5th century BC to the 2nd century BC. Although several Greek authors mention many other cookbooks from the same period, most of them have been lost. Many Roman recipes date from around the 2nd century BC, including the notorious De Agri Cultura, which included farm recipes for a variety of pastries. However, a significant collection of Roman recipes is found in the ‘De re coquinaria’ manuscript dating from approximately the 1st century AD. The collection is also referred to as Apicious in reference to its author Caelius Apicius. The collection includes everything from beef, poultry and seafood recipes to legumes and vegetable recipes. These were categorized by the type of food in a similar way as cookbooks are organized today.

Other evidence of cookbooks in other cultures includes Arabic recipes from around the 10th century and Persian and English recipes dating back to the 14th century. Generally, early recipe collections were geared towards the higher classes, evidenced by the fact that they included ingredients that were not easily accessible to lower classes at the time.

The invention of the printing press enabled cookbooks to be produced at a large scale, which helped fuel the start of cooking as an art. Soon, noble families would begin publishing their own recipes to compete with others and show off the extravagant feasts they prepared. Most recipes books until the end of the 18th century were geared towards trained cooks, which were only accessible to higher classes. However, in the 19th century, the focus of cookbooks was redirected towards domestic cooking. The format of these cookbooks served as a basis for many modern cookbooks. More notably, Eliza Action's book, called Modern Cookery for Private Families, was published in 1845 and was largely influential on the work of other cookbook writers. Soon after, writers such as Isabella Beeton and Fannie Farmer became famous with their cookbook publications that contained hundreds of recipes.

Modern food recipes follow a similar structure with the goals of providing an easy way for cooks to visualize the required ingredients and how to cook the dish. Generally, the beginning of a recipe indicates the name of the dish, the estimated cooking time and the number of servings it yields. Next, the ingredients are listed with the quantities that are required to prepare the recipe. Cooking equipment is generally listed at this stage so cooks can gather the equipment they need before they start cooking. This is followed by the cooking procedure, which will include all necessary instructions for cooks to prepare the dish until its completion. Serving instructions are usually indicated at the end of the recipe.

While it is not required, many recipes include a photo of the dish and the nutritional value per serving. Sometimes variations of the recipe are also mentioned in consideration to other dietary preferences, or to add different flavors to the dish. 

Modern culinary recipes cover any range of dishes, cater to virtually any dietary preference and to people with different cooking experience. Consequently, recipes may be categorized by difficulty, including easy dessert recipes, easy cookie recipes, easy healthy recipes and other easy recipes, which are geared towards people with little to no experience in the kitchen.

Sometimes recipes are grouped by cooking time to cater to people hate spending a lot of time in the kitchen or have very little time for cooking throughout the day. Recipes may also be grouped by the type of cuisine, so it is common to find cookbooks that compile Indian recipes, Thai recipes, Sushi recipes, Mediterranean recipes and more.

Because dietary preferences can be an important main factor for people when deciding on which recipe to cook, recipes commonly indicate if they are vegan, vegetarian, low calorie, or sugar-free in the title. Typically recipes are also grouped by the main ingredient in the dish, so it is common to find recipe categories such as chicken breast recipes, pasta recipes, ground beef recipes, salmon recipes and more.

Sometimes recipes are grouped depending on the cooking equipment that is used in the preparation of the dish. Thus, dedicated crockpot cookbooks with recipes like crock pot chicken stew and slow cooker beef and potato soup are easily found.

Recipes may also be grouped by the type of meal or by the time of day they are typically consumed. Breakfast, dinner and lunch recipes are common categories, along with recipe types such as soup recipes, pie recipes, pastry recipes among others.

The development of new recipes is typically the result of cooks experimenting with new ingredients and food combinations. However, science fields such as molecular gastronomy are dedicated to the study of food properties and how they are transformed with different cooking processes. This has led to the creation of new cooking techniques which are used by cooks around the world to design new recipes with innovative flavors and textures.

Traditionally, recipes were published in books and published in magazines and newspapers. Later, the rise in popularity of cable TV shows saw the introduction of the first cooking shows. This format enabled chefs to showcase their expertise and share new recipes with a wide audience.

The introduction of the internet in the late 20th century served as a platform for people to share their recipes on forums and websites. Today many online websites are dedicated exclusively to culinary recipes and have become a primary medium for people to find new recipes.

Many video games have also included recipe cooking as a fun element in the game. Consequently, it is common to find gaming forums dedicated to video game recipes like Black Desert recipes, Black Desert Online cooking recipes, and Legion Cooking recipes.

Best 10 Apps for Recipes

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