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Kids' entertainment provides satisfaction, fun, and laughter to children. There are different forms of entertainment for kids, all with an underlying purpose of giving some kind of amusement.

Entertainment is a type of activity that provides pleasure, fun, or delight to an audience. Its history spans thousands of years, having grown from court entertainment in the 2nd century into modern-day cinemas and video games.

An essential element of entertainment is amusement, and this spreads across all forms. Although some entertaining activities pass a serious message, there's always a feature of fun and laughter.

Another essential element of entertainment is the audience, which could either be passive or active. Passive spectators do not participate in the activity, such as people watching a play, movie, or an opera. Active audiences, on the other hand, like game players, take an active role in the activity.

Entertainers design some types of entertainment for a particular set of audience. Although the forms might not differ fundamentally, the elements of language and picture will vary. For instance, the factors that constitute kids' entertainment differ from that of adult entertainment. 

Significant types of entertainment include:


Music is universal and arguably the most popular form of entertainment worldwide. It's also an integral part of other forms of entertainment. For example, music is an essential component of dance and a feature in storytelling.

Music has different genres and sub-genres, such as jazz, pop, classical, electric, folk, and rock music. Major instruments used in musical entertainment include the human voice, piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet.


While people can play games for other purposes such as contests, it's generally played for entertainment. Games can be played alone or in teams, and this is usually a fun part for kids – deciding who gets to be in their teams.

Board, card, and ball games are the most popular types of games available today. With the advent of video games, many of these games are playable on console, PC and online. Video games enjoy immense popularity all over the world, providing entertainment to millions of people.


Like music, comedy is a form of entertainment and an integral element in other types. Comedy amuses the audience through the use of verbal humor, ridicule, jesting, parody, puns, and satire.

Some forms of comedy employ the use of adult and inappropriate language. Children can make use of apps with jokes for kids.


Performance is a broader form of entertainment encompassing theatre, film, dance, storytelling, circus, parades, street performances, and magic. Performances happen before an audience, with the earliest form being masques popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The emergence of audio and video recording, rentals, and streaming services changed the scope of performances. Now, entertainers can entertain their audiences in their living room. People can watch movies and TV shows on their personal computers or mobile phones using streaming apps.

Other forms of entertainment include banquets, sports, circus, karaoke, fireworks, street parades, and magic.

Kids entertainment involves play. Play, in this sense, includes a set of activities that provide pleasure and enjoyment. Games are a source of entertainment for children and also aid their development and learning. Several forms of entertainment that appeals to children include puppet shows, cartoons, pantomimes, and clowns.

Different forms of entertainment are designed explicitly by entertainers to suit the children's interests. There are tons of books, video games, and films curated for child audiences. Whether on school assemblies or the playground, there's an array of activities that can entertain children.

Children's parties are never bereft of kids' entertainment ideas. The most popular children's party entertainment ideas include hiring balloon modelers, face painting, miming, magic, and comedy jugglers.

There is the presence of kids' entertainment centers in major cities all over the world. These centers offer activities for children's delight, such as virtual reality (VR) games, arcades, climbing, and video games.

With the development of mobile phones, kids can have access to a variety of their favorite games using mobile apps. Some game apps serve as educational tools for kids, allowing children to learn from their best fun activities. An example is a mobile drawing game app with drawing simulations kids can practice while being entertained. Other examples include games with science and art-related themes.

Here is a detailed look at some of the more popular children's party entertainment ideas: 

Balloon Modelers

Kids find balloon modeling entertaining to watch. They get intrigued by sighting a thin balloon being inflated with air and then twisted into a jetpack, or a dog among other things. Many parents hire balloon modelers for their children’s parties, leaving every kid with something to go home and enjoy.

Face Painting

With face painting, parents can transform their precious little children into butterflies, and superheroes. Face painters are professionals in using safe, hypoallergenic materials to paint the face of kids artistically.


Miming is the art of portraying an individual’s behavior, character, or mood using gestures. Kids love it when a mime artiste mimics their favorite movie character, or even their dads and school teachers.

Magic Games

With the trend of TV street magicians, magic has become an exciting form of entertainment for kids. Children’s magicians combine some mind-blowing tricks with humor, giving children an entertaining and memorable show.


Storytelling makes for great children’s parties and not just bedtime alone. A good storyteller will captivate every kid at the party using props, actions, and words to tell the stories.

Video gaming has become a massive form of entertainment for kids and teenagers. There are different types of video game platforms, such as home video game consoles, handheld video game consoles, mobile phones, personal computers (PC), arcade and virtual reality.

Popular home video game consoles include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo. Examples of handheld video game consoles include Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and GameBoy.

The popularity of video games with kids and young adults is a source of worry for many parents who consider video gaming as a waste of time. Also, there's a widespread belief that violent games can lead to violent behavior in children. There are also reports of gaming addiction in children, and the World Health Organization classified the condition as a mental health disorder in June 2018.

However, video games help kids develop problem-solving skills, eye-hand coordination, and multitasking abilities. Additionally, kids who play video games are likely to have improved reading ability, build math skills, and manage resources better. 

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