Best 10 ACT Test Prep Apps

Practice, practice, practice! Stay on top of your ACT prep with practice tests in math and English, and achieve that all-important test score.

Where to start with ACT prep? From registration and test dates to timed practice tests, these ACT prep apps will help your ACT student prepare to ace the test and bring home those high scores.

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Best 10 ACT Test Prep Apps

    • #1

    ACT Practice Test 2018 Edition

    CoCo E-Learning


    ACT Practice Test, Free for all

    Why we love this

    1. Learn from your mistakes! Review questions as needed until you successfully know the answers and unlock more difficult levels for a greater challenge
    2. Personalized Challenge Bank is your perfect test! Made up of questions you missed during practice, it focuses only on the concepts you need to review
    3. Practice Reminders ensure your brain is always active while progress monitoring lets you analyze your performance
    • #2

    ACT: Practice,Prep,Flashcards

    Varsity Tutors LLC


    ACT practice tests and flashcards in Math, Science, English, Reading and Writing

    Why we love this

    1. From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App - 2016 Appy Awards
    2. Take ultra-realistic practice exams! Timed, full-length mock exams make improving your standardized testing skills easy and convenient
    3. Learn By Concept ensures you practice a fully comprehensive array of exam concepts with extensive explanations for all answers
    • #3

    ACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards



    Study Plans, Lessons, Problems, and Flashcards

    Why we love this

    1. Spaced Repetition Algorithm randomizes over 200 flashcards for the perfect method to review and drill key concepts in English, Math, and Science
    2. Improve your ACT score by 10 points! Relieve test anxiety and thoroughly prepare with the best guides and tips for achieving your best score
    3. Study Guides and Strategies help you review on the go! Personalize your study schedule and make the most out of your time
    • #4

    Ready4 ACT (Prep4 ACT)



    #1 study app with over 150,000 users worldwide

    Why we love this

    1. Smart Guide helps you learn the most critical ACT concepts! Ditch workbooks and paper flashcards for an easy, modern way to study
    2. Question of the Day keeps your mind active and in the zone! Don’t let distractions get in the way of a great score
    3. School Matcher finds universities that match your desired major and future goals and lets you see how close you are to getting the ACT score you need
    • #5

    ACT Up - #1 Test Prep Solution

    ScoreBeyond, Inc.


    ACT Up is the world's most-widely used ACT prep solution on mobile.

    Why we love this

    1. Don’t waste time. Diagnostic Tests help you discern where you should spend your time studying for the most efficient exam preparation
    2. Improvement visualized: receive graphs of practice performance results to easily see exactly where you need additional study
    3. Need additional practice? Quota Questions provide supplementary study for an even more fun, competitive review
    • #6

    ACT Pocket Prep

    Pocket Prep, Inc.


    Featuring over 500 ACT practice questions to study anywhere, anytime.

    Why we love this

    1. Keep on your toes with over 500 practice questions! Achieve a complete mastery of test materials with custom exams for personalized study
    2. Simulation and Study Practice Modes let you choose your preferred study method for a review session that perfectly fits your needs
    3. Priority Email Support and In-app Messaging gives you access to expert help right when you need it! Let nothing get in the way of your great score
    • #7

    ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep



    Prep for the ACT and SAT with this research-based ACT Prep App using flashcards!

    Why we love this

    1. Research-Based preparation tools make it easy to prepare for your exam and are designed to help you achieve the best results
    2. Student-Validated interface and content! All studying tools are clear, concise and rigorously tested for usability and up-to-date accuracy
    3. Perfect study material for any exam! Unique structure and design are a perfect template for any major standardized test
    • #8

    play2prep: ACT, SAT prep



    The most powerful training partner for the ACT, SAT, Math and English

    Why we love this

    1. Don’t wait until the last minute to get studying! Perfect for anyone of any age who wants to sharpen their study and exam skills
    2. Complete Confidentiality: your results are visible only to you, so you can identify strengths and weaknesses and improve your score
    3. Access to unlimited games lets you play with friends and fellow students to compete and have fun while preparing for your exams

    Review Highlights

    • #9

    ACT Exam Prep



    ACT Exam Prep FREE provides many training questions here

    Why we love this

    1. Customize your study methods for the best score possible! Pick your preferred language and subject, then practice with various comprehension questions
    2. Absolutely no distractions! Study with materials that are completely ad-free for a review environment geared toward achieving the best results
    3. Virtual Flashcards let you enhance and review your knowledge of key subjects like English, Math, History, Reading and Science
    • #10

    UWorld SAT & ACT

    UWorld, LLC


    1400+ SAT & 1400+ ACT questions and explanations with images & instructions.

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