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I have always been a frequent app user. Since I started working with AppGrooves, I have had the opportunity to research and review thousands of apps in hundreds of categories. From photo editor apps to investment apps and more, I have become an expert at identifying what makes an app great so you don’t have to!

I have a bachelor's degree in English and worked as a freelancer for three years before becoming a writer and editor at AppGrooves. I have written and edited materials for a publishing house, literary agency, and several nonprofits in the field of education. My diverse editorial background lets me approach every app with a critical eye to find you, the reader, only the very best of the best in any given category.

My past publications and contributions include “A Celebration at Holly Lake,” a short story published in the 2016 writers anthology Twisted, as well as a series of upcoming children’s textbook releases by YellowBus. 

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