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My life can get extremely hectic trying to balance school and work, so I use a lot of different apps to keep me organized, focused, and healthy. Working with Appgrooves I have had the opportunity to review apps about music festivals, productivity, and just about everything in-between. Reviewing these apps has given me the expertise to know which apps are going to help improve your life.

I have been a freelance writer for over a year.In that time I have worked for a production company on subjects ranging from hardwood floors to beauty products. I have ghostwritten for several outdoor blogs, and I have helped start a company blog for companies such as Career Karma. Before I started freelance writing I was a grant writer for my university, so I have been around writing in one form or another for quite some time.

My previous works include several articles about fishing for Crappie in the midwest and a lot of pieces about the benefits of learning to code.

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Best Apps to Have an Off-Road Adventure

Best Apps to Have an Off-Road Adventure

If you love off-road adventure, don't settle for anything less than apps that show you how to make both enjoyment and safety your top priorities. 

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