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I am passionate about technology in any way, shape or form. From consumer products to research on new AI development, I love to keep up with the latest advancements. With so many apps released daily, I always like to stay on top, so I don’t miss out on useful tools, great games and new ways to improve my life. As a writer for AppGrooves, I’ve researched hundreds of apps with a critical eye to find outstanding apps that meet our high-quality standards. I don’t have the patience for buggy or badly designed apps, so rest assured that the ones I recommend are the best of the best.

My writing background has been mostly in producing technical engineering reports. I have also written about other topics that have caught my interest, like paradoxes, genetics and analyzing the inner-workings of horror movies! It has been a varied ride and now, to round it off, I am putting my writing skills to good use by reviewing apps and games that help transform how we live our lives. 

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