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Best Apps by lock screen

  • Keypad Lock screen is one of the best parallax effect Lock

    4.4 Ratings 459K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


  • Lock screen
    Lock screen password
    The best lock screen application

    4.5 Ratings 270K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


  • Top free Live Wallpapers, 4k/8K Backgrounds, Ringtones and Live Lock Themes

    4.6 Ratings 233K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


  • Lock screen Fingerprint
    Very interesting and high security

    4.0 Ratings 304K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


  • Experience the latest OS 9
    Lock screen keypad
    Very nice, smooth and use full

    4.6 Ratings 123K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


  • Lock Screen & Notifications iOS easier to view & manage multi notify at once

    4.7 Ratings 130K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


  • Simulated app Scan your fingerprint to unlock your phone now!

    4.4 Ratings 156K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads