Dare App: Try Your Nerve

Dare App: Try Your Nerve

Eristica Ltd

Challenge friends. Make money.

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  • You cant make money without giving money to the person or game Mar 20, 2020

    By kermit2.8
    The app is great and all but i want to be able to make money on that app with out giving money to the people how are hiving me the challenges and if you have no money you can play other peoples challenges.
  • Can’t get any money Jul 4, 2020

    By Hotrod5464
    App works just fine actually pretty good if you ask me. I can accept dares and make dollars or coins. The one thing I don’t like is that I have been waiting for about almost three weeks for just a one hundred dollar deposit to my PayPal. They said it would take up to five business days and it’s been almost three weeks. If anything hire more admins to make you service more reliable. I’m usually patient but three weeks is long time and I’m trying to get this one hundred dollars to finally pay off a bill and I can’t even get it.