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Decor Matters: Design & Shop

Decor Matters: Design & Shop

DecorMatters, Inc.

Home ideas, DIY & social games

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  • YESSSSSSSSS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by CatGirl1643

    FINALLY!!!!!!! This is the app I’ve always dreamed of. It is beautifully designed and easy to use. If you are looking for a simple, effective, working design app, this is the one for you. I have only had it for a few months, and I play it as much as possible, sometimes for hours every day. It has tens of thousands of furniture and accessory options, and doesn’t require you to put certain pieces of furniture in certain areas, you can do whatever you want. I have friends on this app, and am always excited when they post new designs. While you can play with strangers, there isn’t much you can do to interact with them, so it is very child friendly. I would recommend 9+ for this app, because there are links in the app that lead to websites where you can purchase furniture. I really love the challenges, because you can “compete” with other players in a friendly, non competitive way. The only problem I see with this app is the fact that you have to pay to use pictures of your own decor. Overall, this is an amazing app for kids and adults, and I totally recommend it to anyone searching for a good interior design app. 🤪😜😍😎♥️🤩

  • So much potential

    by Review Worth Reading

    The first design I did was tedious to put together and very frustrating. I kept with it though, and I'm improving my skills for using the tools provided. If you are used to design programs like Photoshop, you'll be frustrated too. You are very limited on what you can put in a room because you have to find pieces that are the right angle for the room. There are a few options to edit what you choose, but not enough to make it perfect. You can change the perspective, but it Doesn't let you change the shape so you can get the right shape/perspective. There should be some paint brush options so we can add shadows where things should be darker, to help make the rooms look so flat and fake. I also wish that there were more filter options so I could search by style of room to only choose from the theme I'm going for. It would save me a lot of time looking through items. I really hope they add these things in the future. I love seeing the creative things people come up with, and I love the idea of these challenges to make you design a room for a specific purpose. The graphic designer in me needs these editing changes to happen for me to give a 5 star rating. I can already see that this app is going to be very addicting and fun!!

  • Can’t contain the excitement

    by Riz L

    I NEVER write reviews for ANYTHING. I have been raving about this app ever since I stumbled upon it several days ago. I was itching for something to “play” as far as interior design goes (it’s my absolute obsession and dream). Just like others have said, there are other design games but cost money and MAKE you put things in certain areas. This game truly gives you freedom. I love that I can look at my “works of art” and know that I designed each and every aspect of it with the exception of the 4 walls and some small details (which are usually easily covered except they incorporate such beautiful details you wouldn’t want to anyway). There are endless options and OMG I just found the option to put your OWN elements into it as well. I am so thankful I found this because it’s truly a hobby of mine. Although I’ve been staying up way too late messing with it, it is amazing. I’m very disappointed in the people who have given this less than great scores. They’re either not very technically savvy, or pompous. Just saying!


    by Nickel Nannie

    I had used another design app. It scored your work and you had a limited selection of products, PLUS a budget! You could only do so much with their “way” of working. Then I found this app via Instagram and I’m absolutely hooked!!! My husband and I are getting our ducks in a row to retire within the next couple of years. We’re looking for a retirement home (not the nursing home type, the lakeside type)!! Plus, we will most likely remodel our home of 30 years, so our daughters can have it. This app gives ALL the information where I can purchase the items that I’m “playing” with! It’s a win win all the way around!! I would recommend it to home builders and real estate agents also. I just can’t get enough!

  • Best one out there!

    by Tortuevert

    I love the fact that there are so many options to choose from and I’ve noticed that almost every three days or so there are new furnishing added to the collections so you end up with even more endless options. There are a couple things I wish that could be fixed though. When trying to be selective of the color of the furniture the color slider to choose your color isn’t very exact. It doesn’t have options like “red” but “rust red” and when you aren’t selective of this filter after swiping down for a long time you are able to find truly red furnishings. Also the scaling of small objects, I sometimes work a big room and I’d like to put stuff on shelves in the very back wall but the size of these accessories can’t go further and end up being too big. Maybe if you added a toggle slider to adjust the size to the smallest it can get. I wish you would be able to paint walls too. Or add a specific wall paper or texture. And lastly, I think it’s best to make sure that all the furnishings have all the angles so one can use them without being stuck with just 2-3 angles that might not work for our design. Above anything else I adore this app and would never stop using it if new spaces are added every once in a while.

  • Love the app! A few things need fixed

    by Mrs J 15

    I am in love with this app. Love all the choice and the fact that it's free, unlike another one I tried. It does have a few issues though. One issue I've encountered is that I worked really long and hard a room. I clicked the save button, message popped up that said saved, exited the app but came back to make sure my room was saved. I was so frustrated and upset that my room vanished, along with all the time and hard work I put in for it. That needs to be fixed. Another issue is the fact when you try to use the masking tool to take out unwanted areas, it is really not the easiest thing to use. Since there are really no instructions on how to use this tool, you have use trial and error. Sometime you get the results you want and many times you don't. One suggestion would be to employ a system similar to Microsoft Word's program where you use lines and various shapes by snapping lines. Also, there needs to be a help button with a few answers on how to use some of the tools and buttons. These a few of the most frustrating problems I've seen. I hope this helps. I do love the game, just wish there were less frustrating moments. Would love yo hear your response. Thank you.

  • cool app!

    by Itachixxxxx

    This app is so freaking cool! I had my eyes on a sofa from Pottery Barn for the longest time, but I wasn’t sure if it would match with my current living room. My wife and I were really frustrated because we did not want to spend that much money on something that we would end up hating. So, I went on the app store and did some searching. I came across DecorMatters and to my surprise, I was so happy and grateful. The augmented reality option makes my life SO much easier because I can finally be able to design my room just the way I like it without having to run back and forth from the furniture store lol!!! If you guys are looking for a good app, be sure to check out this one because it is totally worth it.

  • Great App...Still Needs Work

    by Dibolacj

    Of course this app is wonderful especially to us Polyvore addicts and it has a great feel, but there are some areas that really need tweaking like: the tools for clearing out backgrounds for sharper edges, saving your work without having to delete all previous versions, furniture and accessories having more than one direction and less background and above all, displaying a clean, sharp final output...right now it has a haze or blurriness to the overall board which is so distracting and unattractive. One last thing, I wish we could add animation slogans and figures, color blocking, a typing feature and a way to add on from furniture stores we are familiar with. Those are my points and I hope they will be incorporated in the future! Then it would really be a 5star app!!!

  • Finally!!!

    by czechokie

    If you love designing and enjoy free reign in the process, then you will find freedom and satisfaction in this app. No more forced voting, no high-priced in- app furniture to buy, all free! If you want to add your own decor, which is not mandatory, then the inventory spots are very reasonably priced. Editing tools are available to further enhance images. Results are endless when one masters the editing tool. The best thing about this app are the fellow designers who make up a community of encouragers. The app is further supported by the creators’ involvement in design challenges, helpful blogs, and rewarding outstanding designs. By far, the best decorating app available. This is also a great tool for those who suffer anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

  • Freaking Awesome & Totally Free!!!

    by BATBeast

    If you love to design rooms in your home this is the app for you! What I find really cool once you’re done decorating your room you can actually find out exactly how much money it will cost you to buy each product and you can actually purchase them from here as well how cool is that! I don’t even let you take a picture in your house of the room you want to decorate and then you can go for it so it’s not only an app for people who like to interior decorate. It’s also an app for people who want to decorate their own home! And the best thing of all is that it’s completely free completely free!There are absolutely no hidden fees!!!

  • Improving every day!

    by AllNicknamesTakenOnBadReviews

    UPDATE! DecorMatters has made some vast improvements since my initial review and they continue to do so! I am officially addicted! You can now easily communicate with other users! There seem to be more quality items available for use! If you love design you have to check it out! I do have more changes on my wish list but I’m very pleased with the ones I’ve seen! Keep up the great work DM! Original review: This is a fun app but they need to make some improvements. A lot of the items cannot be used because they have backgrounds that can’t be edited. On the up side you can import items and edit them. It’s also hard to communicate with other users directly. The contests are repeatedly won by the same users over and over. Not nearly as user-friendly as Urstyle or trendMe and other design apps out there. I truly miss my Polyvore 😥 Also restricted to Apple users only. That being said, this is not a bad review, it is meant to be helpful to the admins to use for future improvements. The admin seems very receptive to their users and it is still a pretty fun app! I hope to revise this to a 4 or 5 star review in the future!

  • Like it but...

    by paulapbee

    I like DecorMatters. It’s a fun app. I was a Neybers user before they shut down the app, and this app has been a good sub. However, I wish there were a few little tweaks that could be made. First off, a positive is that they have a big inventory of design items and fun challenges. Cons: I would give it five stars if they could make a cutting tool to crop. The cropping tool they use is like a painting tool and distorts it in the design so some of the inventory is unusable. Also i noticed that when i save a design that the inventory is stacked on top of each other and the design is not saved how I designed it. That is extremely annoying. So if those couple of things can be fixed, I’d be a happy camper. Thanks for the fun though DM 👍🏽

  • So fun to play with!

    by Why I need a nick name?

    I have a relatively small place (San Francisco, you know), so it’s good to know what will look nice but also fit in before I really get into it and rush to buy it. This app helps me to know what I can do with my little lovely space so I Appreciate A Lot! More importantly, it gives me kinds of views of how my place can be like. I don’t have time just to browse around fashion magazines or spend hours online to learn how to make a place not only functional but also amazing. Luckily I have Decor. Now I can play with it try out different opportunities and avoid the risk of buying the wrong thing. Thank you, Decor, mu life is better now because of you.

  • Creativity abounds

    by yaydecor

    This is by far the best app/game in existence for anyone who likes decor, furniture, and being creative. The competitive vein in designing for specific challenges keeps the site energetic. It would be better if designers could NOT win by using a screenshot and adding a few accessories, as opposed to taking the time to be creative. Even though there is this one hiccup with designers crazy about winning, I still give it a 5 star rating because of the huge inventory, fun challenges, and the built in ability to interact with other designers. I have made some great friendships though this game.

  • Fun app, fairly easy to use.

    by PMGDesign

    I am enjoying a lot about this app. Wish there was a way to change background template with edit button. (Say wall color with a click of a button.) also would like to put in my own walls, windows and flooring from scratch. Especially with actual measures from a project. I’ve just started but that’s something I’m not finding ready to go and easy. Also wish there was a way to adjust area rug sizes and angles better. Where is there wallpaper.... I have yet to find that. I’m only using the free app options thus far so maybe that’s in a paid level but without knowing what’s exactly included in paid options I’m unwilling to try.

  • Great BUT

    by AshleyOlivares

    It needs work. A lot of the options when looking to put something in your design of its white or glass a majority of the time has giant holes in it and you cant use it or the product doesn't show up at all. I also wish they had an easier way to rotate things because if its small all you do is end up resizing the thing over and over and over again. And maybe a hidden list of whats in your design so you can go through it and click it so you can move it (because if you have layers in your design its very hard to move small items/things in the back or even get to them without having to move everything around it).

  • Great app but needs a few bugs worked

    by meek84meek

    I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE this app! I can design to my hearts desire without worry about coins or points to use! However, I really hope the search tool would find the items I type in. For instance, if I type in “puppy” nothing puppy shows up instead it’s everything else but an animal :( or some items are blank no matter if I’m on WiFi or not. Kinda frustrating when you have a idea but can’t put it together because you can’t find it. But I’ve learned to think of other words like pet or dog or fluffy to find it. Other than that, I’ll continue to use this app to expand my creativity. Thank you so much for this!! 🤗

  • At Last!

    by hobiandhiscrew

    I am an interior designer that is in love with all sorts of home decor and furniture. You name it, rustic, eclectic, industrial, traditional, modern, and so much more! I used to have Home Design, where you had to pay ridiculous amounts for one piece of decor or furniture, well, no, I’m not happy with that. So I deleted it and just stopped looking for another app. Then I found DecorMatters!! I honestly have found the Golden App when it comes to decor games! It’s stress-free and there’s nothing to pay for, it’s all free, and literally the only thing to compete for is the contests, which are your choice, do it or don’t. Thank you, DecorMatters.

  • Best Interior Design App


    I am so grateful to have found this app. The graphics are better than alternatives I have tried in the past and I love the social aspect of this app especially because everyone is so kind and supportive of each others designs! The only issue I have is that some of the furniture items have a false light gray blotch shadow underneath of the item and other (mostly white items) are broken when added to the template. Besides these minor issues I am so happy with this app and recommend it to anyone who loves interiors and furniture placement in a space🌞❤️

  • My Favorite App

    by leanvYX

    Bring out the creative YOU and redesign a room or a whole house. Upload your own space to design with all the latest colors, furnishings and accessories. Or use a DecorMatters template to bring out your true design sense. Articles and design tips offer great ideas and advice. Follow your favorite designers and maybe your design will be featured! There isn't a more creative and versatile app out there..truly awesome!!! And, unlike some of the reviewers, who obviously don't get have to be at least a little creative, not all Apps can spoon feed you!

  • Good but stop with the annoying messages

    by ameythstgirl

    This app almost made it to five stars, except for one problem. I love to decorate rooms with furniture and other unique pieces like art and plants. But for heaven’s sake, please make an option for me to disable the live chat. The questions your team asks me are annoying. I’ve gotten “Is there any reason you don’t want to publish your designs?” I still share my designs with my close friends on other websites, like social media. I just choose to keep my designs in the app private for right now. What I do in the app should be my business and no one else’s. This is the only issue so far.

  • I Love this APP

    by Time. Bomb

    This APP is what I’ve been waiting for quite awhile! It is fun, challenging and never ending stimulating. The ability to interact with other players, on their designs is part of what separates this APP from others like .... wait there are no other APPs like this .... lol. You will not only have other players helping you with questions but the “help page” where you email your question, has the nicest real live people answering you and not some copy and paste answer. Seriously I nothing as of yet I don’t love!! This is an APP that will never leave you bored!

  • Great Re-Decorating Tool!

    by AidenPaycO

    I downloaded this app when I started working on ideas for redecorating my bedroom. I really can’t say enough about how helpful it has been! I can try out different color schemes and furniture arrangements. I found it quite intuitive to use and when I couldn’t figure out how to do something the instructions were easy to find and use. Perhaps best of all, working with this app is FUN! I actually let my 6 and 8 year old grandsons try it and I was blown away by how quickly they took to it! 

  • Cool App worth a try!

    by Minion All

    This app is definitely my first choice of house decoration, and come on, who can say no to the coolest AR technology! It has updated home design inspirations feature, and the styles are just so trendy. I love chatting with their team when using the app, it's like I'm literally hiring a whole designer team to help me get through the entire decorating process. What's even better is that the app directs me to the local furniture stores with google map according to the products I like, it's just so sweet and efficient!

  • DecorMatters is AMAZING

    by TomCarchMM

    This is a really good app the good things are that they are really up to date with the newest room trends and they usually have new stuff very often also it’s nice to have a variety of different rooms to design and to see how you could Manet do your own house in reality. it was an amazing app. I nearly forgot you can also post it with your game account and see what other players think of it that can comment and even like. This is a great game and I really recommend it

  • Home decoration has never been easier

    by WurineJustm

    Recently I got a new apartment and need to buy a lot of furnitures. But I do not know where to buy, which style would be best fit for me. Inadvertently I saw this application in the Apple store. There are a lot of projects created by interior designer and full information of the furniture can also be found on the page. This app gave me a great inspiration, and I think I know what I really need to buy now. The app is very easy to use and I recommend it.

  • Great Freestyle Design App

    by Annie esq

    Love this design app. No constraints on what you can do - YES no “requirements” - and it’s FREE. Unlike Home Design or DMR - which will cost you big. You can be as creative as you want and conjure up all kinds of beautiful designs. Huge catalog of great decor items and you can import your own too. DM offers challenges if you like those but you can freestyle too. Easy to learn the basics. I suggest you use with Magic Erase app to make transparent pngs. Highly recommend this app if you love design.

  • Awesome, but needs a little tweaking

    by likestoknit55

    I love this app, first. There are quite a few items to choose to decorate with. The challenges I like, they really get you thinking about space, color, etc. Second, I agree with some of the other reviewers that some more perspectives of furniture to fit the room templates might be a good idea, or a way to adjust them to fit the perspective of the room (I’m not sure if that is possible here). The white objects are sometimes lacking white space because of the selection, which kind of ruins the effect. I wouldn’t mind more challenges, those are fun. And more effects (like light, shadow). I think other ways of upping your crown level than just winning challenges would be great, like commenting on designs, liking designs, to raise that. Thank you for this app, it’s fun.

  • Why I love it.

    by ZMountaiT5

    To be honest I love the fact that it’s free and you don’t have to purchase anything in game to get a better experience. It’s such an easy app to use and it’s actually really fun. I’ve always had a love of interior designing but never really got to move forward with that career, this really can help if you’re planning on changing your house up too! I haven’t had any issues with it YET and I don’t plan on having any issues soon. Ps- Have a nice day!

  • Fun app

    by OkobethAnnanski

    I really like this app to help me take what’s in my brain and get it out on something constructive! I was able to plan my living room in my new house and it ended up looking very similar to what I had designed. I also love that you can shop the items that you put in your room-that’s really fun. One recommendation is having more room options available. There weren’t a lot of rooms that looked like the room in my house I was trying to design.

  • The Best Design App - Dont need to pay for Gem either

    by ChaellCarrrbonneau

    I’ve recently been playing design games and some are expensive having to pay out for furniture. You can design away in this game and you don’t have to pay out for a thing. You also get to enter competitions, no need to spend money at all, although there is a section where you can join up to pay out for extra designs “in my decor” but it’s not necessary. I loving it already!!!


    by chklooyexc

    I'm beyond hooked and have been for over a year now! The choices and elements to use when designing your perfect dream space are nearly endless!! The interface is easy to understand, the graphics awesome, and the fact that you can choose from hundreds of furniture options just add to the fun! No two spaces are alike, and the community of other users is very friendly, encouraging and fun! Download today and create the spaces of your dreams!

  • Great all around

    by zoetheevbk

    It cost you no money, and has great features, like customizing your OWN rooms, you can take a picture and put things in it, try it out. Now other design games can cost you a lot of money, but this one is 100% completely free! It’s great. It has amazing rooms to choose from and categorizes the decorations, or you could just search them. (Dining room,Tables, chairs, art/decor etc.) Its a very simple but fun amazing game. I recommend 11/10

  • Great App!

    by dinorahvera

    This app deserves 5 stars. Not only did I find a game that I like, I feel like I’m not wasting my time because at the same time I’m playing I’m getting ideas on how to arrange/decorate my new room. It has a variety of furniture & decor to choose from. The possibilities are endless. Only thing I’d ask is for more options on the backgrounds. For example different color walls on the bedrooms & different scenery’s too. Other than that it’s perfect 👍🏼

  • Perfect Tool

    by justadarling

    This is the perfect outlet if you’re trying to learn the basics of interior design. It helps the creative process of making mood boards and discovering what styles best suit you, as well as learning how to scale pieces to fit a room. A great perk is that almost everything you use to decorate a room in-app are available for purchase if you find a piece you love. It’s great for inspiration, learning and passing time. I’ve been waiting for an app like this! I love it.

  • Great

    by KrioHelizman

    I absolutely love this app I have only had it for a couple weeks but already done like 6 designs! Great for designing on a set background that the app makes but not only can you do that you cam also design in your own space by simply taking a picture of where you want to design then adding the furniture you can also take a picture of your own furniture and place it on you design! AMAZING APP∞⋆REALLY HAPPY WITH THE TURN OUTS OF MY DESIGN!

  • Presentation

    by Pugs15

    This app is the most useful app for presenting houses and/or if you want to set up how you want your house to look. I also like this app because it helps improve your organization skills. It's almost like Instagram because you can chat with people it isn't like Instagram because you can't chat privately and you can show designs instead of posting pictures of yourself.

  • Anything & Everything

    by IuveniGalvin

    This app is the best! No matter what you're looking for they have it. You can use the template and items to create your own designs. You can browse designs & ideas for anything you want to do to your house or landscaping. They have links to buy everything under the sun. I swear if you don't know exactly you're looking for or need, DecorMatters will help you find it. Love it!!

  • Best app there is if you love decorating

    by Stefa Zapata

    I love decorating, and was in the search for the best app for that.. but always found apps that required me to pay, play other games, have lives or some other weird thing i didnt want to do! Until I came across this app and it is perfect! I get to just decorate spaces and thats all i wanted to do. There’s templates or you can even use your OWN houseee! Love that feature too.

  • Whoever developed this app is a genius

    by leanettelin

    Whoever developed this design home game is a genius. It gives you plenty of ideas of renovating your places without using physical fixtures. There is numerous brand furniture(Ikea, create&barrel, west elm, livingspace...)that you can pick from their app and apply to it. You can have a better image of how to implement your houses instead of paying an interior designer to design. I will definitely recommend this app.

  • Best Design App EVER

    by LleyHarrrenas

    I’m astounded at the quality & excellence in designs...this is the most exciting app I have ever had the pleasure of using!!!I’ve sent other designers that are using different gaming apps messages to come & try ‘DECOR MATTERS’ as this is really next level decorating & something that anyone of any age can really sink their teeth into & be as creative as their imagination will flow... Thank you for making designing so simple!

  • DecorMatters # 1

    by Dr. John Harrington

    I have rated apps from time to time, but I never write a review, but this app is top notch. It’s all about decorating and design, not annoying games to earn coins or credits to proceed, and it’s completely free!!! No in app purchases like some designing apps. It’s pure enjoyment!! The decorating community is supportive and encouraging and so very helpful!!! Highly recommend this app... it’s also relaxing and informative!!

  • Good

    by 土拨鼠RR

    I am the type of person that do not have much artistic sense. When it comes to decorating or remodeling, I always have a hard time to decide and picture them on my head. I am glad that I have found this app on google which can solved my issues. For those of you that have the same phobia as me, I believe you will find most of your answers here.

  • Best App Ever

    by CorndogsAu

    Not just for remodeling, super creative fun. Connect and view other designs...see the latest furnishings, trends, colors and accessories. Learn how to turn any space into a living space with unlimited possibilities and best of all...complete details and purchasing info on your favorite pieces so you can truly make your ideas come to life! Use the provided spaces for designing or upload your own.

  • Would really love this IF....

    by mom-esart

    1. Items offered for design were cleaner and easier to manipulate. I cut stock for digital art for a “living,” so I know what it takes to make a decent png. Items on here tend to be extremely over or extremely under cut. The tools for editing are difficult to navigate. In addition, tools such as changing the perspective are remedial, at best. 2. Many items never show up in search selections. I get blank boxes staring back at me no matter how long I wait. 3. Search function is very limited and somewhat confusing. Many items catalogued incorrectly. 4. More frequent contests would be great! I really think this could be one of the best decorating apps available if developers would consider spending a little more time organizing items, implementing useful tools, and employing good stock artists.

  • It has changed

    by Amazing voice and music!!!!!!!

    This last change has it so you are limited to 3 of your own items, then you pay to have more. My complaint is that changes should make a app better not worse. Also most of the winning designs are won by popular vote, so you better have lots of friends! I use to love this app, but now am so disappointed!


    by Reluctang0

    Great app but defiantly spend your time on this app it's not one of those apps wear u drag a fake couch back and forth, this one of these kind apps if u we're designing a house or if u r in to designing rooms and furniture then is a great app for u. The quality is great they give u real furniture that u could go buy if you liked your design or if u like the furniture, so definitely check this app out it is 100% perfect!

  • Decor Matters is FANTASTIC!!

    by MusieDorrio

    So easy to use and very professional in its design and outstanding in its realistic outcome that even your clients will be taken aback by the end product you present to them. Can only give 5 stars - should make it 10 out of 10 stars though even then you’d get 10! Exceptional quality and very easy to use and astounding in the final outcome! Keep up the great work!

  • Fantastic

    by jedigabeon

    Great App truly, tbh I was a little iffy about it but after a while I got the hang of it and LOVE it! You can definitely trust this company! They have articles and are always updating the newest trends! You can design 3D rooms too! This app should be the top app of the year! You can also take pictures of your empty room and add furniture if you want! Realistic furniture too. My favorite app!

  • Used to be my favorite

    by brisawesome

    I wrote a few months ago how this was one of my absolute favorite games... now it seems the only designs that win are those who paste in their own photos of designed spaces and add a chair or a plant so it’s not just a picture. So annoying. Especially because some of us spend awhile using actual pieces of separate furniture and decor to make our designs. Administrators should be the only ones to add decor or get some control over it. Getting ridiculous

  • Great

    by Roggie18

    After reading all these reviews, I decided to give a shot because I am already planning to buy a house. It has nice user interface, easy to understand and efficient. It enhances my creativity and a sense of interior design. Even though, I still going to look for an interior designer to decorate my house but I still would recommend it to my friends.

  • What an awesome app

    by pice.of.Di

    I have been looking for an app that I can create and decorate my own house. I came across this app and I was skeptical at first but then once it downloaded I opened the app up and it was just what I wanted! I could put objects in the room and resize them and so on. This is my favorite app ever and also, it saves your work. I have made so many good projects!

  • Love this App!

    by MakikoHeiss

    I love having access to this app. It is filled with the most beautiful ideas for every room. I totally get excited when searching for something new and unique to utilize in my own home! Especially great that you can isolate and explore spcific rooms, i.e., kitchen, living room, den, etc. I recommend this app to Family and friend sinterested in home design. Love and awesomeness!

  • fun and helpful

    by dtysyssyS7

    I have been using this app to have an idea for future designs of our bedroom and it really helped a lot. I will be moving out soon for the first time and I want to plan ahead on what I am gonna do with my room. This app has a lot of options specially on furnitures that you can buy directly through the app or get in real life

  • Love this!

    by Fansssss8a

    I've been wanting a game that has no time limits, no games to play for money to buy items. I found it. This lets me go for minutes to hours depending on my time and I've enjoyed every minute. It is very easy to use so I can design to my hearts content without having to expend tons of brain power to figure something out.

  • Great!

    by PaddyboydB

    This app has been so good it has helped me to design my house I love it because it is so easy to use and has hundreds of ways to make it as accurate as possible. Not only that but my nieces love to play it just as a game where they can simply, make a design without having to earn in game coins in some candy crush like mini game.

  • I’ve recently been playing design games and some are expensive having to pay out for furniture.

    by Tuj3718368

    You also get to enter competitions, no need to spend money at all, although there is a section where you can join up to pay out for extra designs “in my decor” but it’s not necessary. I loving it already!!!

  • Great app

    by kong yusa

    As an interior designer graduated student, I found this app is easy to use and play around with it. I always get plenty of inspirations to help my clients achieve their desires and to better assist them in many ways. It also provides free live assistants as you need it. Their services are just amazing; patient and polite staffs will answer any questions that you might have.

  • Fantastic ADDICTIVE app!

    by pigpen0504

    This app is so much fun. Best of all, the creators are very open to the suggestions of its users and that makes the app that much more special. I’m not a decorator; I just love playing with home design. I love the huge amount of design choices available and the great challenges. Most of all, I love connecting with other people that truly enjoy designing.

  • OMG nothing to complain about! GET THIS APP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by GeatteColery

    So I got this app a few days a go and it is so FUN!!!!I have designed my dream house with ease and I like lots of the things you can find out the real price and where you can get it from so if you are looking for a new something and you are on this app and you say hay i like that and you can get it Have to get app :))))

  • Caution Addictive

    by lakehouse101

    This app is so easy to use! My family is thinking of getting a lake house and I wanted to try and design a future bedroom for myself and it was so much fun! I love how you can go back and alter your original design. But sometimes some things take a while to load and it was a bit confusing and frustrating at first but once you figure things out it is so much fun and I am now addicted

  • Awesome home

    by kensogreB8

    This app is awesome it is probably the best idea ever for a app! You should definitely get this app!!! It gives you so many options of furniture, home decor, etc. I love to dream about living in the rooms that you get to design!!! I think this game should definitely be a five star app because the graphics are awesome! This is an awesome app and it was an awesome idea!!!

  • Helpful decor app

    by RocnzieMakea

    I always dreamed of being able to design my new home one day. I didn't think I had the skills to do it, but this app has helped me every step of the way. There are so many stylish furniture items to shop, and the free interior design consulting helped me so much. Best of all, the AR helped me visualize my final designs before I purchased the decor. Love this App.

  • Get to Be like a Designer

    by MarssarMelicello

    What a great App..I always imagined having the financial means to design a home or space anyway I want instead of having champagne dreams on a beer budget. Well this App allows you to have those dreams! It’s so much fun to see what other people much inspiration..Also this App shows you which store you can find the furniture..just WOW!

  • So addicting! Love this game!

    by emma~mayrie

    By far the best home design app. I have experienced! It has so many different pieces to pick from. Different backgrounds etc...New things added almost daily! I quit playing all the other design games that was so costly when I found this app! It’s totally addicting I absolutely love this app! Highly recommend!

  • Amazing app!!

    by Dlvxiocickco

    I was scrolling through the apps and found this app. At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to download this app but then I saw that my Bff had the app and age said”This app has many designs and you can inspire and make a design. After that I downloaded the app made an account and now I have made over 100,000 designs and I am glad

  • Love this design app! Lots of fun!

    by 為了哈哈笑

    Cool app and great design team! I had no ideas how to play when I first open it, but after talking to their designer via live chat about my idea, they ask for some pics of my room and just do the design for me! for free! Really want to upload some pics here to show you guys but app store couldn’t let me haha.

  • Wonderful!

    by Nick shiu

    This afternoon I took my daughter to the furniture store to pick something she like to decorate her bedroom. At the beginning it was so hard to make the precise decision, I mean, I’m not a professional interior designer, and so many times I find it difficult to make a good choice. Hey then I found this app and guess what, they have DESIGNER PICKS EVERYDAY! Now things just become so easy for me ;)

  • My Dream, My Reality!

    by uhhtyhvV

    I have loved this app since the first time I downloaded it. I’m able to design my dream home without all the issues of buying each piece of furniture from a catalog. It makes it hard to be a dream if I’m having to pay for pictures. My dream becomes my goal that I can see clearly once I’m done designing it!

  • The best source for home decor and remodel

    by TriwaCoulter

    I'm in the process of building an addition to my home, and this app has been a great source of inspiration for how my future rooms will look. Thank you DecorMatters for all the wonderful ideas and suggestions. And I love that you can actually purchase certain items directly from the app!

  • Love this app

    by ChaEmaxtten

    I live on this app right now! We have a lot of remodeling ahead of us. I anticipate hours on the app. It allows you to search Specific items, you can put the item in your room by taking a picture of your area, finally you have the ability to make purchases within the app.

  • Fun and easy to use

    by HumGenbles

    I’m new to this App, so still learning about the features. It’s easy to get started, I love the variety of products, and can play for hours. I can see this App getting better and better with new improvements and more templates. The challenges are fun too. If you love designing, this is the app for you.

  • My Favourite App!

    by PawArialey

    This is a wonderful app if you’re either a designer or just wanting to have some fun! I highly recommend to all! The team are really helpful whenever you have a question and they are so kind and friendly. There is a huge range of items to use so you can design rooms that are unique to you!

  • Highly recommended.

    by dannyyyyuu11445

    This is my first time using AR feature, I was not familiar with the words until I downloaded this app. AR allows you to combine real objects together or extracted real world sensory by computer. I didn’t expect much from it at the beginning but this is the right app for non-designers or have little knowledge in this field.

  • So fun

    by JakepsariI

    I’ve been playing this game for a while, and the more I play it, the better it gets! I love how you don’t have to follow a order to decorate or watch videos to get certain things. Also it is a free app!!! Another great thing about this game is the variety of furniture and decors available for free. The possibilities are endless! Great job! :)

  • Room Design

    by Room Design

    This is a great app. Very user friendly, after my first design I pretty much got the hang of it. I still have more to learn but can a least get my ideas down and work through the design from the hundreds of choices listed in the shopping tab. I highly recommend this app.

  • DecorMatters No 1 app

    by O'NipPhileill

    The best app for interior design. Brilliant community everyone is so friendly, the DM team are wonderful always there to help you out if needed. I have no negative comments at all . Just perfect, I can design absolutely everything , well done DM team for all your hard work you put in for making this app amazing for us all

  • ❤️🧡💛

    by From who you'll never know

    AWESOME APP! I love designing and using this app to design is super easy! You have access to all the furniture and you can even buy the furniture right off the app! There’s only some minor problems like some of the furniture is see through is some areas but nothing much. This app is definitely the best thing that’s ever happened to me

  • So much fun!

    by clnfixthdnotifactions

    This is definitely my favorite app on the phone! I will be building a house within the next year and this fun filled app has helped me decide on lots of important factors that come up designing a layout and size, color schemes, furniture placement, flow of the room and much more! I spend hours designing houses just for fun now! :)

  • The Best Decorating App EVER!!

    by HayhiaCyntnes

    I enjoy this App a little too much!! Am on here daily looking at designs and how others decorate their homes in order to get ideas for my home and future business office. The second best part of this app is that you can actually purchase whatever you see on here!! Am a big fan of DecorMatters

  • Addicted

    by miztex

    Staying up late to put the finishing touches to a room that I designed is better than binge eating potato chips and watching house rehab shows. I have created authentic period rooms( Renaissance castle, Downton Abbey, 50’s bedroom) and much more. My imagination has no boundaries here! Sorry other apps that cost $ and make me use your stuff; you lose.


    by InstinctcF

    I love this app so much! I've recommended it to tons of my friends- who also believe that it is the BEST. The graphics are amazing, and it's extremely easy to use- unlike most of the other app. This app is great because even though I'm not an interior designer yet, I can use my past designs from this app for my future resume. PLEASE GET THIS APP YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

  • FABULOUS five star! Download

    by hydvkhfeAw

    I have rated this 5-star because it is amazing. It is always accurate and there is a big range of items to choose. In my opinion I think you should get this great game. It is perfect for people who have the eye for style. That is only my opinion so please write another amazing review for this game.

  • Use this App constantly

    by LeighPloff

    This app is great for creating designs and previewing room designs and product offerings. I have used it many times to get a sense of color schemes and hardware suggestions. I've never had a problem with it. I am a fairly new user though so I need to test the ordering feature.

  • love it!

    by ForyTammtier

    My wife and I are having a newborn baby in December. I am so excited about it and I have been planning to renovate a baby room for a year. I am very pleased that I have found DecorMatters, not to mention that it had solved my issues but also brings me lot of inspirations. It has famous brands that are low costs such as IKEA and Pottery Barn. This APP is rocking!

  • Great App

    by Reneeeeg

    This is a great app with endless selections,. The only con is I wish the editing cropping tools were better. Would like the ability to crop half of an item, simply cut in half. Other then that, easy to use, great products from numerous stores, something for everyone's design style and budget.

  • Highly recommend!

    by Lovinkerr

    This app is getting better! I downloaded it two months ago but totally don’t know how to use it. This new version makes the design process clearer and I am getting used to it. Their consulter team is so nice and patient, they solve all my questions and even do a bedroom design for me! Thanks a lot!!

  • 4.5 stars! Great but....

    by B5cu

    This is an awesome app! It is very fun and easy to add your own items! Lots of tools and options for editing. I would love to see a Kitchen and Bath category and more options on the standard templates. Also on challenges, some entries cover template almost completely but still get entered and I seem to have to show more than the 10% required every time.


    by TexasSmi40

    This is a awesome designer once you get the hang of it and understand how everything works but this only took me about maybe... a measly 5-10 minutes, which to me isn't bad BUT I LOVE THIS ITS AWSOME (here is why) 1. It's easy to use once you understand how to use it 2. Its very virtual (to me at least) 3. It's just fun 4. I can make whatever I want! !THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! 

  • Decor app addiction

    by johnkevinGravelle

    House idea and decorating addiction is a real thing. This app makes it easy for you to organize your addiction. Actual access to things in designs instead of being left wondering how to replicate the look. Be prepared to stay up late night just flipping through and loving it.

  • Good

    by HueScotston

    Love using this app to figure out how I want to decorate my place! Me and my sister always changing our room so we needed something to help us visualize it. This app gives us a lot of choices, I love the brand they have (CB2 and west elm etc.) those furniture looks really cool (but little bit pricy tho lol) will definitely keep using it!

  • Great app!

    by RinA / T.RinA

    Last time I went to Ashley Furniture to find some inspirations for my apartment design, but it was really struggle for me to distinguish among different room decor for the whole house design, from living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, to even outdoors. Thanks to decormatters app, there are plenty of ideas for home furnishing and they're designed by real interior designers!

  • Needs some updating !

    by babybluegirl

    I love this game so much it really relaxes me and takes my mind off of everything. I would love if there weren't so many options that have other backgrounds and wallpapers in the picture . Also a lot of the furniture pieces aren’t angled right so it makes it hard to decorate . I’d also like to see pets and people and maybe even a pool !!

  • I like this app

    by Stephen Wernar

    This is a cool app. It has all my favorite furniture brand so I can easily compare and choose. Also I love the view furniture in room function which help us choose the right furnitures that match our existing space. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is shopping furnitures and doing interior design.

  • Decor rules

    by LeadamaBrenke

    I absolutely love this app it is so much fun and really helps me to relax. You don’t need to pay for anything and it is super cool I love the fact that you can design your own home or just relax with it . It makes me feel really good about myself when I get more followers and I would highly recommend it.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • Awesome!

    by qvsBonniezolu

    Excellent app. I was able to transfer my imagination to visible material.

  • Love IT!!!

    by qnrZerooBB

    This is such a good app! Totally realistic! I absolutely love it and you should definitely get it!

  • Awesome

    by pmjyaki__

    This is such a great way to design a home fast but well

  • Awesome!

    by fkcVicki1205

    I love this app. It easy to use and hours of fun. I have attened most of the challenges. There are a few pieces of furniture I would love to have that it doesn't but I have a great imagination. I LOVE interaction with other users too.

  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by vaotikiwildchild

    AMAZING!!! Must download, definitely recommend

  • Brilliant

    by yjfTasha Judah

    The app is very nice and very helpful for amateurs

  • Great app

    by ywnSuperenna

    This app is so easy to use, unlike many others. Having so much fun playing around with it.

  • Decorator's helper

    by lwjshirley burgess

    I use this app all the time when I'm designing! Being a professional designer, I need a professional app. I made a lot of designs for my clients to see and I love using it on my iPad. It's perfect for my job!

  • Awesome

    by iwqsanchezmia

    I have been fed up with my house for awhile now and this app really helped me figure out what to do with it.. I love it!!!

  • Great app

    by jvpSakurashoujo

    A great app to start designing. It is easy to use, plus you can learn a lot from other users' designs. If you have any questions you can ask their staff and they are very kind and responsive.

  • Everything

    by mvuSakurashoujo

    This app have so much items! I love it because is very realistic.

  • Love it

    by nhprocknrowmc

    As a general contractor it helps so much to be able to show the customers what I am invisioning

  • Very easy to use and very flexible.

    by rjbrobermario

    So many options and the flexibility makes it easy to create almost any designs

  • Easy to use and cool to see your space

    by frbpp to the poopy

    Much easier to get a sense of what works for your space

  • Designer in the making

    by qmlPokemonchacher

    This is a fantastic app! I just love it! I have downloaded several home design apps, but this one is by far the best one by far for amateurs. I'm trying to get plans made for the expansion on my home. Now I don't have to, I can make them myself.

  • Amazing!

    by cmtPhedupp

    It made visualizing so much easier!

  • Amazing

    by cvcOip love

    As a ten year old girl I never thought I would be interested in a game like this, but it is so fun and it makes total sense to me. This is a good app!

  • Addicting Love

    by cpcntaylorgg

    This game is so addicting. I love it so much and I don't know what I'd do if the App Store ever took it away.

  • Amazing

    by rbfNotstickinaround

    This is perfect for any level of interior design.

  • Really cool

    by xkmnotsoslimsean

    Surprised at how easy to use and helpful this app is

  • Super…

    by aosNone

    Super home design app, you can use it as a pro being just a beginner.

  • Just downloaded

    by jjgNatalie Rummel

    I downloaded it bc i was having a hard time decoration my room and this app has helped a lot! I love it. I recommend it!

  • Very good

    by fogmikaelazunino

    Many hours had been spent playing around with room layouts and ideas

  • Best app for creating a home

    by dvnMe love

    I love this app, this is the best app for decorating, creating a new home, flat. Used it multiple times during the year before we moved to another flat, or when we wanted to have a redesign of our home. It's perfect, and super easy to use.

  • Realty fun

    by kprmdwill

    I had a great time playing around with this home design items

  • Cool app

    by oxvlysssa88

    Very professional and entertaining. Good for professional designers or amateurs.

  • Great app

    by pjkLowflyermike

    Really enjoying the app so far. Lots of options.

  • Approved

    by cbbLivefree

    This app is great for creative people that like to decorate or improve homes. I'm glad I found it!!

  • Amazing!

    by puiKynus uu

    I want to be an interior designer when I grow up, so this game is so fun and educational.

  • Addicted

    by wpakittenclifton

    I love this app! It's awesome! Learning more and more every time I use it

  • Love this app

    by qbhKannaa

    I love DecorMatters. I've been looking for a design game for ages but now I have finally found it

  • Yass

    by gwykalmass

    Brilliant It helped me design my dream home in just a few minutes.


    by kotKai097

    This is absolutely a fun and creative app, highly recommend!

  • I love this.

    by rxvJax G K

    To actually find a game that works well and allows anyone to use their creativity with such a wide spectrum of ideas is great!

  • Extremely useful app

    by fouJanAntech

    I found this app very helpful in deciding what furniture to put where in my sons new flat which is only 45 square meters. Easy to use and great fun. Best app I downloaded in a long time

  • A good game

    by nnyHoss ee

    Would recommend this to anyone who is into designing interiors and enjoys seeing others' beautiful designs

  • So much fun!

    by clnfixthdnotifactions

    This is definitely my favorite app on the phone! I will be building a house within the next year and this fun filled app has helped me decide on lots of important factors that come up designing a layout and size, color schemes, furniture placement, flow of the room and much more! I spend hours designing houses just for fun now! :)

  • Love it

    by hwofedora frank

    Been looking for an app like this for ages and finally found the perfect one!!

  • Love it

    by ubfErinnium

    It is a really awesome app that you could prep for you future house,remodeled house, or you could just play with it and build. This app has never experienced any problems with glitches which is so awesome

  • Love love love it

    by ibqelectropleb

    I use this app for my design portfolio

  • Nice

    by qqxekennefu

    I used this to try to determine what to do with furniture locations in my living room. Would like more furniture options but worked well

  • Pretty Good

    by ppwDonnateee

    Very impressed. Spent 10 minutes playing around with it and I've now designed 10 rooms. Very simple to use and would recommend it.

  • Best app

    by ulpdkchina

    Love this app. It gives me ideas on how I want my future home and business

  • Helps with every move

    by ixocristi270

    Love this app! Helps me to plan my moves and furniture placement before all the heavy lifting

  • Accurate, Reliable, Realistic

    by hanColorado11

    We're building a house and doing a lot of space planning. This app has saved us so much time. Also, it helps me explain what I want to do to my husband, who needs visual images to understand my design ideas. This is perfect!

  • It's a great app

    by jpiChrisE1G

    Good for a beginner to mess around with

  • Best app ever

    by dqebozobus

    Easy to use and the app has a lot of choice

  • Helps me so much

    by nrsbobo reynolds

    No I don't have to go around my house moving things I can just use the app

  • Great App

    by pxxBito

    Intuitive and easy to use.

  • Great app

    by aeyBeyond-kun1

    Only just started to use it but it seems to work well. Easy to use, good selection of items.

  • Wow

    by gucAspanani

    If you don't have this app you should get it. I love to design homes and this app gives me a way to do it digitally!!!!

  • Great

    by weyAPValerius

    I absolute love this, it's helping me build my future dream home

  • Easy design app

    by ncxAlDelVex

    Excellent app to show my clients the design that I am proposing for their living spaces.

  • Best game eve

    by bufabishop

    I've been looking for a game like this where I'm able to make interior designs freely

  • Awesome app ever

    by ???🐶🐶🐶

    When I first got this game I didn’t think I would fit in with the game but than my sisters inspired me with some of there designs so I got a lot better now I play this game every day I’m so happy I got this app!!👍👍👍😻 I love this game now!!!!!!!!!

  • Love it!!!

    by iqtyhdagjfc

    This app really opened up my mind to creating whatever dream home I wanted

  • Great app!

    by lyqMonnyBlack

    It was a little confusing to figure out all the functions at first but after playing around with it for a little while and learning everything it was amazing!

  • Awesome app!!

    by tbomacymiray

    This app helps a lot especially when you're planning to renovate your house or even rearrange the furnitures in your house. You can get a clear picture even before moving stuff or buying new things. Very easy to use. Highly recommended

  • Epic

    by ciiK80theSHADE

    I love this game so much!!! You can make lots of different designs. I have been looking for app like this one!! If you are wondering if you should get this you should it's epic!!!

  • In love with this app.

    by emzJeilyF

    I got this app last week and it’s so much fun!!! This is the best app ever.

  • Easy to use

    by lxsFuWopp

    Just got it but so far it is very simple and very neat.

  • This app is…

    by jqeBetterForInstagram

    Great! It allows me to create houses beyond my wildest dreams. A room, a house, even a MILLIONAIRE MANSION with garden. Get this app or you will regret it!

  • Great seems to work perfectly!

    by ufrEk XclusiveX

    This is the best app for introduction of interior design for all my students thanks!

  • Love it

    by qqpwith a nickname

    I love using this app to view the designs I make in my mind, super fun and useful for Interior Designers

  • Love this app

    by gqvwhoressssssssssssssssss

    I spend hours designing my rooms in all different ways

  • Awesome

    by gslVomSandstranden

    This app has made designing my studio sooo much easier! It's easy to use and I love that I can customize the place using all the different options of furniture.

  • Absolutely brilliant

    by nkltonyvally

    Just wow this app is amazing. If you have a dream for designing homes this is it!

  • Awesome app

    by rgbTheGTqwerty

    It is truly an amazing app. I just got bored one day and decided to download it. Now I am thinking of new ways to improve my skills

  • Exactly what I was looking for

    by akhTaraSmashOfficial

    I love this app, this app has helped us put together our vision for our home. This will make it easy when we start construction.

  • Awesome

    by avvtabasum islam sandia

    Love this app for future home improvement projects!!

  • The best interior design app ever!

    by refStephObiewon

    Very easy to get started, super easy for amateurs and interior design lover. Highly recommend to use for renovation ideas!

  • Awesome app!!!

    by ifprrrszfr

    I LOVE this app, you can do everything from scratch. Plus, this app is so helpful also to give you design ideas. Overall this app is great!

  • Absolutely awesome!

    by bxfrestoi

    I love this app. I think it helps your design skills in almost every way. It has good furniture and options. I have had this game for a long time and it is awesome

  • Homes

    by xeuQD EE

    This app has help me with letting out my creativity

  • First time user

    by hqcprettylady

    So far so good, easy interface and easy to use

  • Amazing

    by dyzParadiseangel

    This app is great for building design projects or just for fun

  • Intuitive

    by qrwpanther

    It’s a very good design app for showing what can be done with the space you occupy, with decors or furniture.

  • So addictive!

    by yroOkie_gal

    I've never found a home design app that was so easy to use! It has every feature you can imagine. I absolutely love this app!

  • Love-LOVE!

    by btmnlpta16..

    Fantastic app! If you like designing and creating all the ideas that your mind can produce then you need to get this app!

  • Perfect

    by qihmvert

    This app is perfect. It has helped accomplish many months of work in just days. I used it for commercial application and designs and worked like a charm.

  • Awesome!!!!!!

    by etfMOVEON_

    Really great app, and so much fun!!!! I love the creativity in this game!!! The graphics are stunning!!!!! Well done!!!

  • Great to use

    by pjomluiop

    Very intuitive and a pleasure to use. Early days but so far impressed.

  • Great app!

    by plfmickychann

    Easy to use and there are many options to decorate.

  • Love it

    by hmcmarry

    Amazing tool! I decorate my home and office space with it!

  • Excellent

    by rpcln AA

    Excellent app. Great to use. Very friendly interface. I never imagined to see such an app with almost full features for a normal user to really use it without being an interior designer.

  • Interior design at home

    by wmnLevaNi

    Great app for helping you design how your house or room can be like. Can give you with a simple vision on how to make your perfect bedroom or living room!

  • Excellent app

    by dpwLanah

    Very helpful app, excellent value for time and efforts, total flexibility of design and extremely easy to use. By all means, five stars!

  • Extraordinary

    by eaaKsartain

    Easy, intuitive and very slick. I cannot believe how fast it was to get the hang of it.

  • So cool!

    by oopJoAnnT

    Really cool and fun app! Whether you're getting design ideas or just playin around for fun, this is a great app!

  • Fantastic

    by osajfkilbi

    t’s perfect for giving you a view of what a new house would look like. Easy to use. Very impressed

  • Amazing!

    by xwkjaylatte

    A friend showed me this app, thinking I might enjoy it and find it useful. He was sooo right! Easy to use and fun as well. Lots of choices in furniture and appliances. Would like to see more though. Keep up the great work.

  • Nice app

    by jtqJai Oun Khay

    This app is good for testing feasibility of a home idea

  • Love this app!

    by evsImthaOG ( Kelly griffin)

    I love the simplicity & easy ability to use this app! Love to use it to rearrange my house & decide where I want my things to go without actually having to do it all physically a bunch of times before I like it. Thank you!

  • Awesome app!

    by lxxi play and read games

    This is the best Home design app I've ever used. It has all the elements of a comfortable interface and everything is right at your fingertips! This app has a LOT of furniture to chose from and TONS AND TONS of customization options. I love it.

  • Super easy and fast

    by ecbheyd si

    I was skeptical when I first considered getting this app. After the second time using the app, I realized how flexible and forgiving it made the design process for projects I’ve been putting off. Now I look to tackling every project on my list!!!

  • Great, easy to use home designer

    by nonFel aa

    Found this app to be exactly what I need to help with my own renovation choices :)

  • Good for home designing.

    by jfffed up with improvements

    Good for future home designing or just messing around.

  • Great App!!!

    by hdeekennefu

    Love the app. Perfect for determining which furniture I would be able to take to new apartment and how best to arrange.

  • Awesome app!

    by iredrfugate

    Really gives you a great way to visualize your project!

  • Awesomely cool

    by ypucountrygirlatheart

    This app is better than other similar apps. I am a designer

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Decor Matters: Design & Shop

Decor Matters: Design & Shop

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