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Decor Matters: Design & Shop

Decor Matters: Design & Shop

DecorMatters, Inc.

Home ideas, DIY & social games

8K+ Reviews
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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

5% Negative Reviews

Out of 100 most helpful reviews

  • Great app, but could be WAY better.

    by @ParisNouvelle

    First things first, I do love this app very much! What I dislike is that it’s so difficult for anyone to win challenges... it’s always the same people winning over & over & over again based on POPULARITY. I feel like that’s so unfair! They’re should be a way for everyone to have a chance at winning besides/likes & popularity. The next thing I dislike about the app is that most of the popular people on here add endless amounts of blank templates back to back to back & we get notifications for it every single time if we are following them. I don’t think we should get notifications every time someone we follow posts something; it gets super annoying after a while, especially if it’s JUST a black template.

  • Confused intelligent person

    by essgeevee

    I consider myself to be an intelligent person, not because I am a braggart but because many people have told me as much. I am pretty tech savvy and am completely self-taught. Some even come to me for tech support. I noted all this babble to say that I absolutely could not figure this app out. How to add a rug to a room, how to add ANYTHING to a room. I was so excited to try this app because it appeared to be a legitimate free app and it looked like I could while away the hours while my hubs was at work in the evenings. Sadly, I will have to keep playing the other app until I can find something more user friendly. Not sure what I am missing with all the five star ratings. Like I said, I’m not stupid.

  • Internet trolls

    by MelCor1234567890

    I love the app. However, they don’t have a way to control trolling. Anyone can make an account and start harassing people. Dm has the power to do it but is not taking any measures to ban those users. And also it seems impossible to win the challenges unless you go and like all over the feed other designs. Even designs that are empty. The winners know this formula and they are all the same winners all the time. Not because of talent but for popularity. I deleted the app because the developers don’t do anything about this as it was suggested by many users. To make the vote for those challenges blind.

  • It’s decent

    by MichaelDuh

    It’s great for designing a room but only being able to import 3 images without having to pay isn’t fun. Also when you load up any of your previously saved designs, none of the edits you make to the images you imported are saved so it defeats the purpose of being able to go back into it and redesign if you have to do it all over again every time anyways. It’s fun to be able to design rooms but the level of quality is seriously lacking.

  • Serious problem of challenges and items not loading

    by Lmv470

    I enjoy the app. However, as an avid Polyvore user this app doesn’t quite measure up. Needs more editing options to allow for cropping. Recently I’m having lots of trouble where things just will not load. The app keeps freezing. I’ve tried connecting to different WiFi networks and it’s not the internet connection. Hopefully an update will be released soon that fixes this issue.

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Decor Matters: Design & Shop

Decor Matters: Design & Shop

4.0 8K+ Reviews

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