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1 Reward Night

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How to Redeem

1. To redeem this coupon, first download the Hotels.com app.

2. When you first open the app you will be presented with the option of creating a rewards account.

3. If you already have the Hotels.com app the home page features the option to create an account.

4. After creating an account you can start earning stamps towards reward nights. Every night you stay at a hotel you have booked through the Hotels.com app earns you one stamp. 

5. After collecting 10 stamps, you can redeem your reward night. 




Join Hotels.com Rewards and get 1 reward night for every 10 nights you stay at select hotels. Rewards members also get access to secret discount prices.
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Terms & Conditions

Stamps must be collected and redeemed at eligible properties. See the Hotels.com website for more information on how to redeem reward nights. Taxes and fees must still be payed for reward nights. 

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