New to India? Want to grab a quick bite? Find out which are the must-have apps to find quick food in India that is healthy and delicious!


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    Ordering food? Use the Swiggy app for fast delivery from nearby restaurants

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    • Just because you can't spare 15 minutes to cook does not mean you have to eat junk food. You can order everything from quick snacks to finest dishes from hotels and restaurants - wherever you are in India - and know that you will enjoy a quality meal.

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    Easy, fast & convenient. Download now

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    • Avoid having to spend 1 or 2 hours a day on cooking and get great local food delivered to you at work or at home. Foodpanda is a great way to get good meals even though you may have a busy schedule and you can save some time. You can choose from tons of good local restaurants and skip the hassle of cooking.

    • Cooking is an art Many people prefer home-made food, but if there is a shortage of time or if you feel like eating something rather than something made at home, then Zomato is a good option by which you can get food from your nearby restaurant. www.apkaabazar.com

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    Remember everywhere.

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    • Trying to sort through 1000 of restaurants to find one with good food that matched your taste can take a lot of time. Foursquare lets you find restaurants that people with similar food preferences have liked and would recommend. As you use it more foursquare will start to offer your personalized recommendations, helping you find delicious food faster.

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