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Top Backgammon Games to Play Against Real Players Online

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Top Backgammon Games to Play Against Real Players Online

Tired of playing backgammon against the bad AI of the average game? Check out which apps that will let you have a go against real players around the world.


App Recommendations

Top recommendations by the AppGrooves community.

  • Backgammon Plus

    Best Backgammon Mobile Game!
    With Hundreds of Thousands of Players


    456K+ Reviews 5M+
    • is 100% real players. You may have to wait to find an available player, but you can be assured to be playing against real players. All matches are saved. Schedule and play. Choose your opponent. All backgammon play variations supported. Runs on all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile.

    • Nothing slows down your Backgammon winning streak like having to wait 5 minutes to get matched with a new opponent. You can play with a community of over 100,000 players, so you'll have a new challenge in seconds to beat that afternoon boredom.

    • I am playing backgammon at! You can play for FREE or for $Prizes with hundreds of players around the world. Also, it's the only place where you can play live backgammon tournaments!


  • Backgammon Live - Play Online Free Backgammon

    Do you have what it takes to beat the best backgammon players around the world?

    Come2Play - Board Games

    103K+ Reviews 1M+
    • After a 5 days of playing, you often realize that most apps have a very predictable AI. When it comes to backgammon, that can be a deal-breaker. If you want a truly unpredictable, intellectually stimulating experience - try competing against real opponents instead.


  • Backgammon Online - Lord of the Board - Table Game

    🎲⚫⚪ Play FREE Backgammon with friends & become the Backgammon Legend! 🎲⚫⚪

    Beach Bum Ltd.

    155K+ Reviews 1M+
    • After spending 8 hours at work every day, you feel tired although you want to do something fun that's beneficial for your brain. You can test your backgammon skills against people worldwide while still having relaxing fun.


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Top Backgammon Games to Play Against Real Players Online