Are looking to move out of your parents' house and become independent? If so, you will want to check some of our most reliable apps to help you achieve your goal.


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    Buy Homes, Rent Apartments & Sell Real Estate: Open Houses & Homes for Rent

    4.5 Ratings 532K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • While bunking in with a friend for 7 to 10 days may sound appealing at first, it's only a short-term solution since you can’t really say you’re independent. It’s easy to find affordable places for rent near your college or workplace, both for living solo and with roommates.

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    Find flexible, hourly jobs hiring near you in restaurant, retail & hospitality!

    4.4 Ratings 76K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • Living on your own means you’ll need to pay for rent, food, utilities and this can easily reach 4-figure expenses. Before you take the plunge, Snag can help you find a job nearby that matches your skill set and allows you to afford your new home.

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    Use Dolly to load, haul, and deliver, just about anything, whenever you need it!

    4.8 Ratings 23K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Moving can be a bit overwhelming and doing it by yourself can take up to 5 days full of back pain. Rather than packing and moving everything on your own, you can get the muscle and transport help you need to get it done easily and fast without spending a small fortune.

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    Use the time at home to clear the clutter! Sell your used stuff safe & easy! 💰

    4.4 Ratings 2M+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads


    • When you start wrapping up your stuff, it’s likely you’ll realize you don’t need an extra chair or a clunky table from your bedroom. Instead of throwing it away, you can sell old items and instantly get extra cash for that first rent.

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Top Apps to Help You Move Out of Parents’ House on a Budget