Don’t know what to do to help prepare your kids for the new school year? Use these app suggestions to make them school-ready and face the school challenges up ahead.


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    Toddler Learning Apps 4 5 Year

    5.0 Ratings 1K+ Reviews


    • Now that its summer and many families like ours are headed out on our annual road trips. Instead of popping a movie while we are on the road, I found this great app for my toddler called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. It is a great app that I can rest assure that my child will enjoy playing while also learning so much! Come fall, I know my child will be ahead of the game when it comes to entering preschool..

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    Addition, subtraction, multiplication and more in a fun math maze!

    4.6 Ratings 1K+ Reviews 1K+ Downloads


    • Math can be a difficult subject for any student from age 4 to 24. It is a subject that constantly builds on top of what your student has already learned. Make it fun and less stressful by using a game forward skill builder to get them ready.

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    Build your vocabulary with 1200+ words & prep for your exams with Magoosh!

    4.7 Ratings 91K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • Many students struggle with learning languages and getting a good grasp of vocabulary. You can teach your kids up to 1200 vocabulary words over the holidays to help them prepare for a new year at school. Knowledge of words is key to learning many subjects at school.

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    Send your child to the bus stop at just the right time.

    4.4 Ratings 85K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Have you ever rushed your kids to the bus stop as you hear the school bus chugging down the street? You can now track the bus's route which lets you be better prepared. It also gives a 5-minutes heads up so you will never have to worry about missing the bus anymore

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Top Apps to Help Prepare Kids for a New School Year