Going on a vacation with your friends is a blast, but the math of splitting expenses can be a headache. Get an expense calculator or divvy things up before paying to keep it even.


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  • Splitwise

    Split expenses with friends, roommates, group trips, and more


    111K+ Reviews 5M+
    • It’s easier to have 1 person pay when traveling as a group, but you don’t want to end up owing a friend $50 at the end of the trip. Splitwise keeps all your finances in check, so you can relax and enjoy dinner with your friends instead of worrying about the bill.

    • Splitwise is the best app to see what's your monthly expense bill or how much you owe to your flatmates or vice versa.


  • Airbnb

    Find the perfect vacation rental, live like a local, discover new experiences.


    1M+ Reviews 50M+
    • Accommodations are the most expensive part of the trip. Instead of footing a $1,000 bill, why not split it immediately before you even reach your destination? That way everything is clear and you can enjoy the trip without butting heads about who owes whom.


  • Settle Up – Group Expenses

    Sharing expenses with friends?

    Step Up Labs

    11K+ Reviews 1M+
    • Settle up is an excellent app for splitting expenses. Create groups for a particular trip and add costs. The rest of it is handles by Settle Up. It automatically gives you suggestions to add expenses by reading your messages.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, I will check this one out.


  • Venmo

    Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid.

    PayPal, Inc.

    9M+ Reviews 10M+
    • When you volunteer to buy 3 to 5 last-minute train tickets before they sell out, you’re probably going to want that $240 your friends owe you back in your bank account ASAP. Venmo often has funds available in 2 days or less, so you’ll have cash for your other travel expenses.


  • Uber - Request a ride

    Request a ride with Uber, rent JUMP bikes or scooters, and get there with ease.

    Uber Technologies, Inc.

    8M+ Reviews 500M+
    • A quick 10-minute trip from hostel to a club, then another 10 minutes back home and so on - small travel costs easily adds up over 7 days. Uber allows you to split trip fees between multiple users, so you won’t have to deal with exchanging $5 and $10 bills.


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Top Apps for Splitting Travel Costs & Payments with Friends