Want to save money when going out with friends? Stick to your budget by finding low-cost alternatives you can enjoy together. Save money with happy hour finder and discount apps.


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    App that lets you earn while traveling or using services

    4.4 Ratings 7 Reviews


    • With WalkABit app one can get cashback at restaurants, cafes, etc. in Barcelona. Other major cities are next in line too.

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    Save money! Awesome deals on nearby restaurants, spas, salons, gift cards, movie

    4.5 Ratings 76K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • I usually use this App to buy Deals whenever I go out with my friends. I usually saves 400-500 INR on my bill when I buy coupons from this App.

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    Dining out made smarter, safer & better at 50000+ restaurants!

    4.0 Ratings 28K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • I have been using this app since long back. Whenever I go out on dinner with my friends I book Table by this and pay via this app. I usually get 20-30 % off on every bill and also get huge cashbacks.

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    Split expenses with friends, roommates, group trips, and more

    4.5 Ratings 113K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • Spending the night doing shots with friends at your favourite bar is fun. The trouble is, you may end up paying $50 more than you thought you should. Now you can easily split the bill, not owe anyone a dime, and make sure you stick to your budget.

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    Find, buy & redeem great deals on restaurants, spas, hotels, concerts, and more.

    4.1 Ratings 106K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • Going out with you friends for dinner, drinks and a concert is a fantastic experience, but less fantastic is when your tab is pushing $200 for the night. You can find the best local deals to not only get ideas for your big night out but save tons of money too.

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    Tab is the simplest way to split a bill among friends.

    4.5 Ratings 1K+ Reviews 50K+ Downloads


    • Going out for a group restaurant dinner can be heavy on a single wallet with bills going well over $300 not even including the 10% tip. You can split the bill and even the tip amongst each other without worrying who's going to take the tab once the moment comes.

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