Want to make the best cocktails? Learn to mix drinks with simple and easy recipes for beginners. Find cocktails based on your favorite ingredients and discover drinks that are perfect for any occasion. 


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    Delivery in under an hour! The best way to shop for wine, liquor, and beer. 

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    • Nothing is as anticlimactic as wanting to make a cocktail on Friday night and finding out you’re missing 3 ingredients. No need to settle for another drink. Have liquor and mixers delivered to your door, so you can enjoy your cocktail without having to rush to the liquor store.

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    Learn Mixology with 300 Cocktail Recipes. Become a Home Bartender Today!

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    • Here are some cool features we provide for our users: • Cocktail Recommendations Based on the taste preferences of the user, Wunderbar will recommend the cocktails we think they're most likely to enjoy based on an algorithm. • Cocktails to make with ingredients they have Add ingredients you have and instantly get a list of cocktails you can make along with the steps to make them. Example: Only have Bourbon available in stock? Wunderbar will list Whiskey Sour as a cocktail you can potentially make, along with the few other missing ingredients you'll need so you know what to stock up on. Also, we have 250 classic cocktail recipes with original images accompanied and adding more daily.

    • Thanks for sharing Wunderbar, I will be downloading your app today. I bartended for over 15 years, and I love revisiting old recipes and learning new ones. Thanks!

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    The world’s first whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum, gin & brandy discovery app!

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    • In order to become a better bartender, you'll need to be an expert on the different flavor notes of each kind of spirit. When you're taking a break from slinging cocktails behind the stick, you can browse through over 11,000 reviews to get the scoop on all the top-rated labels.

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    Mix Your Drinks; Save Money

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    • When you first try mixing cocktails, they can taste like mush - especially if you follow bad instructions. Now, with over 8,500 foolproof recipes in an app, you can shake things up. Search by ingredients, make shopping list, share recipes and - make the best cocktails in town.


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