Sometimes parents just need to get away and have a romantic vacation without the kids. Below we'll show you how to use apps to create the perfect vacation for you and your spouse.


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    Discover which restaurants are now open for reservations, takeout, or delivery!

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    • Every couple needs alone time away from the kids to catch up and build on their relationship. Vacationing without the kids is one way you can get time alone with your spouse. With over 1,000,000 business listings, Yelp can help you find adult-only places such as wineries and inclusive resorts nearby based on your interests.

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    Get the most out of your vacation with the new Sandals/Beaches App.

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    • When you want 1 or 2 weeks without your children, chances are you want to avoid all kids. Sandals has adults only all inclusive resorts that you can go to with your spouse.

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    Automation of digital detox, freedom to enjoy what matters

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    • In order to focus on your relationship and get that needed 1 on 1 time with your spouse, you're going to need a little time away from your phone. You can get the "Offtime" you need by disabling certain phone functions while still being reachable in case there are any emergencies back home.

    • Airbnb and Notes apps are all you need! Airbnb to book a perfect apartment and Notes - to remember all the kid's staff.

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    Book a trusted neighborhood babysitter or nanny. From full time to last minute.

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    • You can't enjoy your two weeks of beaches and cocktails if you're not 100% sure your kid is safe. If you don't have someone to look after your child, you can easily find top-quality babysitters in your area.

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