Are you superstitious? Are you trying to figure a way to deal with your superstitious beliefs? Get started by downloading an app.


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    Be Calm & Confident With Meditation, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis

    4.3 Ratings 7K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Through a series of superstitious hypnosis scripts, it's designed to help you escape from the emotional grip of outmoded ideas. Hypnosis will help you take you through several elements and help you overcome them one by one.

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    A mind programming technique that turns limiting beliefs into positive thinking

    4.2 Ratings 20+ Reviews 1K+ Downloads


    • I changed some of my perspectives with this tool. It helps you identify and overcome every limiting belief caused by superstition. The tests and open-ended questions may take 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Eventually, they can help uncover the invisible roadblocks in your relationship, finance, confidence and productivity.

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    Travel inspiration, planning and booking - all in one app.

    4.7 Ratings 18K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • It's wise to learn about a culture, it's superstitions, and mannerisms before you travel there. Here you can learn things to do and not do even in places that have less than 100 visitors at one time.


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