A brain injury can lead to loss of critical communication and cognitive functions. Apps can significantly aid in the recovery process.


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    Your free trial of Comprehension, Naming, Writing, and Reading Therapy

    4.2 Ratings 328+ Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • This tool uses a 4-in-1 scientific approach to help boost the reading, speaking, writing, and listening of users with aphasia. This free version gives a taste of the advanced version. You can work out its five to seven exercises to decide if it’s a resource you want to keep.

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    Target higher-level expressive language, speech & cognitive-communication goals

    3.5 Ratings 45+ Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Serious accidents sometimes leave consequences that can last more than 10 years. An impaired speech can be one such issue. Working on regaining the ability to speak requires regular practice. You can use these effective exercises selected by top specialists to speed up your recovery.

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    Students and professionals from 130+ countries use ELSA to learn English fast.

    4.9 Ratings 124K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • Recovering from an accident can be a very difficult time, especially if you have the added stress of re-learning how to speak. But with over 1,200 lessons here, you can learn from the comfort of your home.

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    Learn Spanish, Chinese & More

    4.0 Ratings 3K+ Reviews


    • Recovery from a significant brain injury takes a lot of dedication and time, sometimes taking 10s of years to fully recover. To help with the relearning process, FluentU takes advantage of several different learning pathways via interactive audio-visual lessons to help speed up recovery.

      • https://appgrooves.com/android/com.fluentflix.fluentu/fluentu-learn-languages-with-videos/fluentu : For Android Users

    • https://appgrooves.com/android/com.fluentflix.fluentu/fluentu-learn-languages-with-videos/fluentu: For Android Users


Let Apps Help You Learn to Speak Again After Injury