There is so much more a foodie can do on vacation then wander around finding the best restaurants. Apps can help the culinary-loving traveler find locals cooking for tourists, cooking classes, and amazing restaurants as well as those off the beaten path. 


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    "A fantastic and unique way to make friends with people from around the world "

    3.9 Ratings 104K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • The only thing better than good food is sharing it with good people. Unfortunately, getting to know people can be difficult when you're only in town for 3 days. I use couch surfing whenever I travel to connect with local people who know the best place for a fantastic dinner.

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    OpenRice: Search, Food Trend, Offers, Reservation, Takeaway, Jobs, All-in-One!

    3.5 Ratings 16K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • If you are traveling through Southeast Asia where the food and flavors are amazing, you want a place to find the new trends and restaurants in every city. Here, you can find restaurants by cuisine or within a 5 km distance and read reviews.

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    Unique experiences, killer content, and culinary tips directly from experts

    4.2 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • While traveling the world to find the best culinary experiences, you need a helpful guide to lead you on your journey. ChefsFeed offers 100s of dining and drinking guides as well as unique experiences from professionals in the food and beverage industry. It offers a brand new way to find where to eat while far from home.

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