Beekeeping is a wonderful and healthy hobby for you. However, beehives don't manage themselves and take quite a bit of work. So, if your interested in beekeeping and want to make your life a bit easier, check out the apps below.


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    Helping beekeepers and others detect, identify, manage and treat honey bee pests

    4.1 Ratings 86 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • In order to have a healthy beehive, you have to know what signifies a healthy colony. Bee Health has 100s of helpful pictures and instructions on how to keep your hive in order. From parasites to fungus you need to be aware of, Bee Health has it all.

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    HoneyBee Planet is an urban city simulation idle game inspired by A. Einstein.

    4.4 Ratings 1K+ Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Beekeeping can be a wonderful hobby - unless you're a 100% allergic to bees, that is. If your sensitivity to their sting is standing in the way, you can always indulge your interest in the virtual realm. Take care of beehives, sell your honey, and expand your business empire.

    • I have been fascinated by bees ever since I was 5. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to their sting so I can't exactly devote myself to beekeeping. Luckily, I can always play a game that lets me take care of my beehives, sell honey, and expand my virtual business empire.

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    Beekeeping app: Record keeping for your apiary/bees for beekeeping enthusiasts!

    4.1 Ratings 128 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Whether you have 50 bees or 1,000 bees, it's a good idea to keep records of them, You want to record their health, how much honey they produce and more. This app will help you keep your records up to date anywhere.


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