Preparing for Coachella can be overwhelming. Get advice to make your Coachella journey simple and enjoyable - plus, save money along the way!


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    Welcome to the official Coachella app for 2020!

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    • The official Coachella was absolutely essential for navigating the festival grounds and seeing the lineup and my schedule in real time. It also has helpful information for questions and fun interactive activities that happen in the area.

    • It lists the events taking place at the moment and gives you location also.

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    Real-time GPS navigation & local suggestions for food, events, & activities

    4.4 Ratings 15M+ Reviews 5B+ Downloads


    • I once found myself in a place where i didn't no one and it was late at night. I couldn't find anyone to help, then i remembered that there was this App. I used it and got my directions to the place i really needed to be.

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    • I always bring a portable charger, but since the days are long, a battery saver is definitely needed. This one also helped check my connection speeds and network options while on the festival grounds.