Nothing can make you feel more lonely than trying to cope with a loss, but these helpful mobile apps are here to remind you that you're never truly alone. 


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    Transform pain into power one word at a time. Tribute, cope, share.

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    • As founder and CEO of Miss-U-Gram ®️ I highly recommend this free app because you can pay tribute to cope with loss and share memories on a respectable yet social platform exclusively for memorializing . Albeit disruptive startup company aspiring to update and expand it's development for the best user experience. Miss-U-Gram app allows users to also keep post privately or share publicly across other forms of social media. It's a space where you can create communities especially during times of grievance. This free app applies to everyone worldwide. When you download this free app system require email verification prior to login for your own safety as well as ours. Thanks to all who support our mission.

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    A Quest into Loss and Love

    4.0 Ratings 197 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Facing the prospect of a loved one suffering from a life-limiting illness or even dying is particularly hard for teenagers. This relaxing game created by child psychologists could help in coping with grief. Made for those aged 11 and above, it offers a safe space for guided meditation and self-discovery.

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    Proximity-Based Social Network Connecting & Supporting People Grieving Globally

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    • 1-on-1 counseling isn't for everyone. Sometimes in life, you need a group nearby. Find people in your area dealing with the same kind of loss as you who are willing and ready to help.

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Helpful Apps for Coping With Loss