Are you not sure how to manage your blood sugar levels on an everyday basis? Save time and energy with solutions to keep you happy, healthy, and in control. 


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  • Tidepool Mobile

    A companion app for Tidepool that lets you add context to your diabetes data.


    37 Reviews 5K+
    • Tidepool saves my life at every endocrinologist appointment. It’s hard to remember what caused my blood sugar spikes two months ago, but now I can write detailed notes that connect with my Dexcom charts, so I don’t have to guess.

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  • mySugr - Diabetes App & Blood Sugar Tracker

    Manage Your Diabetes Type 1 or 2, Track Your Food And Control Your Blood Sugar.

    mySugr GmbH

    50K+ Reviews 1M+
    • Before I went on a CGM, mySugr was the only way to keep an easy log of my levels. It was also the best way to keep track of how much insulin I was taking through injections and an invaluable resource for calculating boluses.


  • Carb Manager: Keto Diet Tracker & Macros Counter

    Keto & low carb macro calculator: Lose weight with Keto recipes & meal planner

    Wombat Apps LLC

    502K+ Reviews 1M+
    • The hardest thing for me has always been accurately carb counting, especially when going out to eat. The other night I used Carb Manager to count carbs for a pasta dinner and managed to keep a steady Dexcom line with no major spike.


  • Mealime - Meal Planner, Recipes & Grocery List

    Healthy recipes, meal plans for any diet. Auto grocery list w all ingredients.

    Mealime Meal Plans Inc

    50K+ Reviews 1M+
    • Aside from the recent Italian excursion, I’ve been challenging myself to eat at home more. Mealime has been a lifesaver for planning ahead with a busy work schedule and finding good low carb recipes for a perfect pre-bolus every time.


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