You never know when an accident can occur. Here are some reliable apps that can be of great use if you ever need emergency medical help in India.


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    MyChart for Android

    4.0 Ratings 42K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • You don't exactly have a choice where you'll get sick. If you fall ill 8000 miles from home, on your trip to India, you may not remember all of your conditions and allergies for the doctor in the ER to consider. Keep your medical records close by to get the most accurate diagnosis.

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    24/7 Online Doctor Consultation, Online Medicine Delivery & Family Health Plans

    4.2 Ratings 109K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads


    • Whether you are staying in India for 2 or 3 days or months, you will want to have access to quality medical care if needed. This app connects you with doctors in your area and allows you to book appointments, order prescriptions or schedule diagnostic tests direct from your phone.

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    Best Health App to Buy Medicines, Book Health Tests and Consult Doctors Online

    4.4 Ratings 316K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • If you want to score the lowest priced medicine your Doctor prescribed, used 1mg. The app is your mobile app pharmacy made for convenience. Compare prices from more than 4 sellers of the medicine you need. You can also book laboratory tests and check-ups using this app.

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    VMEDO takes care of you and your family’s health.

    3.9 Ratings 640 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • This app is most useful in case of road accidents. In my city I have seen Traffic police men using this app to call ambulance whenever there is a road accident.

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Best Apps to Seek Urgent Medical Help in India