Surprise parties are a blast and will really give everyone involved some great memories, but planning them can be tricky. Get advice and ideas as well as tools to check off everything on your planning to-do list.


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    Free Digital & Text Invitations For Your Party

    4.8 Ratings 497K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • If you’re a fan of throwing surprise birthday parties, then you know that organizing secret invites for 30 or more people can be tricky to accomplish. Instead of paying a bunch of money on paper invites that might get found, save time and cash with loads of digital invites.

    • Hello my name is Prem Balani. This app is not limited only to India, but it can be used all around the world. I used this app once when I had to invite everyone from my facebook friend list.

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    Delivery in under an hour! The best way to shop for wine, liquor, and beer. 

    4.6 Ratings 7K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Preparing a surprise birthday party for someone you live with can be tricky. You don't want them to see enough drink bottles for 30 guests just lying around in the kitchen! Instead you can prepare the order and have it at your doorstep in less than 1 hour.

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Best Apps to Prepare & Throw a Surprise Birthday Party