One of the best ways to stand up for a cause is with non-violent or peaceful protests. Use apps to learn about current issues, organize and stay safe during a protest. 


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    Countable lets you learn about issues and influence government with one tap.

    4.2 Ratings 7K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • If you have a strong opinion about any particular issue and need a way to communicate to the relevant authorities, there's a fun and easy way to do it. It provides a platform to voice your opinions to any one of the 535 Members of Congress in a peaceful manner, who will in turn consider taking necessary action.

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    Fast and simple walkie talkie app

    4.4 Ratings 769K+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads


    • You decide to participate in a peaceful demonstration with some of your friends, but soon can't find them among the 1000s of protesters. Here you can chat without internet access and make sure all your friends are OK.

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    Share your location with your friends for FREE

    4.3 Ratings 336K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • If you ever attend a protest with friends, it is important for everyone to stick together and stay in touch. Find My Friends allows you to have the location of your friends, so if anyone gets lost or separated you can find them easily. It doesn’t matter if you are with 2 other people or a whole group, knowing their location is always helpful.

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    Need to go, on the go? SitOrSquat by Charmin can help you find public restrooms

    3.2 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Organizing a peaceful demonstration means you’ll need access to bathrooms and toilets for those who want to go. With this mobile resource, you can find toilets and bathrooms on the go. There are over 100,000 thousand facilities to choose from. Based on previous reviews, “Sit” means it’s clean enough and “Squat” means the facility is not so clean.

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Best Apps to Organize a Peaceful Demonstration