Best Apps to Learn How to Ride a Scooter

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Best Apps to Learn How to Ride a Scooter

Getting yourself on a scooter is a great way to get around town, save money, and be green. However, for people unaccustomed to two-wheeled transport hopping on a scooter can be scary. So, download these apps to help make your transition to the scooter that much smoother.


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  • REVER: GPS, Navigation, Discover, Maps & Planner

    The motorcycle, offroad and snowmobile app to track, map, explore & adventure

    Rever Moto Inc

    9K+ Reviews 500K+
    • Finding the perfect place to cruise on an afternoon moped ride used to require days of explorings and 100s of miles of ridings, now with REVER, you can find popular routes, and explore their community bulletin for tips and tricks from the pros.


  • Bird

    Get access to shared e-scooters and personal electric vehicles worldwide.

    Bird Rides, Inc.

    794K+ Reviews 1M+
    • With its services in more than 100 cities, you can quickly locate and unlock the e-scooter using the app. The best part about using these scooter is that it's environmentally-friendly and is cheaper than the other options available too.


  • Street Lines: Scooter

    Ride your scooter like a pro in beautiful maps inspired by cool real world spots

    EnJen Games

    1K+ Reviews 100K+
    • You won't always have the luxury of riding your scooter. Sometimes you will simply find yourself in an area with a steep terrain not suitable for it. If you truly miss it, you can easily experience the rush and excitement by playing a fun game for 20 minutes.


  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

    Save time on every drive. Waze tells you about traffic, police, crashes & more


    10M+ Reviews 100M+
    • Riding your scooter around town can be a ton of fun until you get stuck in traffic or lost. Map your ride out and keep your 20 minute trip from becoming a 2 hour nightmare.

    • Scooter is one of the easiest vehicles to travel, so it is very popular today. Those new to the car can be a lot of surprises, so we need to get acquainted a few days. Riding your scooter around town is also a lot of fun as you can tour the surrounding scenery


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Best Apps to Learn How to Ride a Scooter