Learn how to play lacrosse and enjoy the fastest game on two feet, the Creator's Game, and Canada's national sport.


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    3.0 Ratings 36 Reviews


    • Whether you've ever set your hands on a Lacrosse stick or related gear, or not, you can master the skill of being a good player. With access to at least 20 professional coaches, you'll get professional Lacrosse instruction through a virtual coach to help you take your skills to another level.

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    Lacrosse Faceoff Practice: Drills and Workouts to Improve Face Off Reaction Time

    4.9 Ratings 34 Reviews


    • If you own an Android phone, Lacrosse Faceoff Practice will come in handy to help you improve your gaming skills. All you have to do is dedicate at least 120 minutes each week for practice.

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    The perfect video app for form review, swing analysis or any sports activity!

    4.4 Ratings 25K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • As a former player and long-time coach, I've worked with thousands of players ranging from beginner to professional. Player form is critical for breaking down hand positioning and body-mechanics to emphasize proper form and technique. I constantly used Coach's Eye for player development. I would film their form from my phone and instantly add constructive feedback through the app. I would review with the player and break things down step-by-step utilizing their slow-motion feature. We would record the discussion and save and send the session so that the player could review on their own. This is a great tool and must-have for any player learning their craft.

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