Tarot cards hide many arcane secrets. Find out which apps can help you learn their meanings and understand their magical allure.


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    Need an instant answer to a question? Get your free "yes" or "no" Tarot app!

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    • If you’re wondering why you need a tarot deck on your phone when you can simply put one in your pocket, you should know that with tarot cards on your phone, you can get an answer in less than 3 minutes whenever you forget your cards. You can explore these cards without shelling out for the deck. Most importantly, you can learn, particularly if you’re at the beginner stage where you need to form ideas about cards.

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    Lessons, Readings, Journals, Meanings & more. Learn Tarot & Learn about Yourself

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    • Trying to learn the meanings behind the 78 images of the tarot can easily discourage a beginner. Take the easy route with this systematic guide. Memorize card meanings, learn the history, create spreads, jot down your thoughts in a diary, and learn the art of divination in no time.

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    The Fool’s Dog has conjured a cornucopia of Tarot for your pleasure.

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    • Instead of spending 30 minutes trying to figure out the meanings of the different tarot cards during a reading, Tarot Sampler can help you get a deeper understanding. If you are looking for different interpretations on the cards you got, you can also find them easily. There are also a few different kinds of spreads and readings you can do and using Tarot Sampler you can learn more about them.

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