Deciding on a career is a challenge for many students. These apps help you make a decision for a successful future. 


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    Search jobs with the most up-to-date listings and apply easily through LinkedIn.

    4.4 Ratings 2M+ Reviews 500M+ Downloads


    • Once you have decided on a career path, it's time to tell the world that you are available for work. LinkedIn works like a social media app for job hunters and business professionals. It is the number one must-have app for anyone seeking a new career path. Connect with others in the same industry, and follow those employed by the brands you want to work for with this useful career building app.

    • Hello friend My name is Jeffery Baker I am a Financial Consultant I have a client who has an interest in Investing in your country into a Joint Venture / Partnership. He has funds available meant for investment. Please contact me by Email if you are interested.Email: jb4641034@gmail.com Regards Jeffery Baker Financial consultant

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    Search jobs, find companies hiring now, easily apply & get useful interview tips

    4.7 Ratings 649K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • Looking for a career to pursue? Why not go to the place where over 100 jobs are listed and compare them? Glassdoor tells you what you need to know about your career and it’s one of my favorite apps.

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    5.0 Ratings 7K+ Reviews


    • Students need guidance when it comes to choosing a career. With over 50 quizzes, tests and personality assessments, PathSource can help your high school or college kids determine a right career path based on their interests and lifestyle.

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