Siblings do not always have the best relationships but they can be improved with some tips with apps on how to maintain them. 


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  • Pregnancy Tracker + Countdown to Baby Due Date

    Track baby's development & growth week by week with the #1 free pregnancy app!


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    • Sibling rivalry begins at a tender age, continues through childhood and blooms in adulthood. Although it's a common issue in many families (every 2 in 5 families), sibling rivalry isn't healthy. BabyCenter can help you teach your kids how to care for one another even before their unborn siblings arrive.


  • Dr. Panda Toy Cars Free

    Control multiple vehicles at the same time and play together for more fun!

    Dr. Panda

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    • This fun and entertaining app is ideal for toddlers and small children 3 years and up. With this game, kids run the city and learn more about local heroes and why they are important. This app can encourage good cooperation skills between siblings because users can take turns builidng the towns and learn about how essential is it to help others within the community.


  • Homey - Chores and Allowance

    Chorechart for kids with pocket money management with save, spend, donate goals.

    HomeyLabs Inc

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    • Instead of having your children fight about who is doing more chores, you can make sure everything is fair. Use Homey to ensure that everyone in the family is lending a hand around the house. You can divide up the chores and keep the peace so no one is doing 3 or 4 more chores than the other.


  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

    This app aims to help teach your child real-world problem solving skills.

    Sesame Workshop

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    • Trying to understand why we feel the way we do is something that 9/10s of adults have trouble communicating, and it only gets worse with kids. Luckily, Breathe Think Do helps children learn to understand and handle their emotions in responsible and positive ways.

    • i love this app, its great


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Best Apps to Help Siblings Get Along