Want to find sports news in the San Francisco Bay Area? Get the latest stories from top newspapers and channels. Follow your favorite teams and view calendars to catch the games.


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  • ABC7 Bay Area

    The ABC7 app lets you stream live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more.

    ABC Digital

    20K+ Reviews 100K+
    • If you’re focusing solely on the Bay Area, using American-wide sports apps can take a good chunk of your time until you find news on San Francisco Giants for example. It’s always a safer bet to check local news and instantly get the sports update you need.


  • Golden State Warriors & Chase Center

    Warriors Games and Chase Center event planning

    Golden State Warriors

    46K+ Reviews 1M+
    • For basketball fans, there’s no way to miss out on Golden State Warriors. Some of the top players like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are currently playing there so if you want to be up to date with Warriors-related info, you can get everything at the tip of your finger.


  • San Francisco 49ers

    Stay updated with the latest news, videos, stats, standings and scores!

    SF 49ers

    10K+ Reviews 500K+
    • If you’re a football fan and you have your eyes on San Francisco sports, there’s no avoiding the Niners. Instead of tapping through general news outlets where you’re likely to miss the specifics, you can check everything there is to know about this great football team.


  • San Francisco Baseball Giants Edition

    Try San Francisco Baseball, and good things will happen.

    Appness, LLC

    138 Reviews 10K+
    • Giants are San Francisco’s MLB team since 1985 and are one of the oldest teams in the American baseball history. If you don’t want to miss sweet home runs and absolutely need to stay in the loop, you can get Giants-curated info in one place.


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Best Apps to Get Sports News in the San Francisco Bay Area