Needing a boost in your math skills? You can help yourself or your kids to develop math knowledge with one or more of these apps.


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    AIMA MAT Mock Test- Full mock & subject wise practice tests

    4.3 Ratings 75+ Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • my experience had always been good when ever it coms to things that will benefit me for tomorrow, most especially on Math, English, Science, History, Art, Geography, Bible, and Computer . Those subjects are my favorite subject but the best I love for now is Math and Art because I want to be an engineer when I grow up. Thanks for reading and understanding my experience.

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    You can learn anything. For free.

    4.3 Ratings 162K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • Solve all your math problems with this awesome tool. With over 10,000 videos and several questions on different types of maths, your mathematical prowess will not remain the same. Math topics covered include stats, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, arithmetic, and a host of others.

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    Instantly connect with expert tutors. Get better grades, and learn new skills.

    4.8 Ratings 14K+ Reviews 50K+ Downloads


    • Math is notorious for its difficulty. Getting a bit of extra help can make a huge difference. Wyzant can connect you with an experienced tutor - online or even in person. Lessons are archived for later review so you can refresh your memory even 2 hours before the big test.

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    Math explained, step-by-step

    4.7 Ratings 2M+ Reviews 100M+ Downloads
    • Whether you're a math tutor or just trying to get past your 2nd year of college algebra, your math homework has never been easier. Simply take a photo of the problem and let your phone teach you the best way to solve it.


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