Teachers and parents play a big role in boosting a child's self-esteem when adults reward for their achievements. There are many apps that can help along the way to ensure you celebrate every success, big or small.


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    Prepaid cards and a financial education for kids - all in one award winning app.

    4.3 Ratings 263 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Your kid gets good grades, helps his little sister without being asked, or cleaned his room 3 times this week. No matter how big or small you want to reward good behavior. Here you can send them money and tell the how family about their good deeds.

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    Set Screen Time, Manage Apps, Monitor & Control Kid's Device Use, Protect Eyes

    3.7 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 500K+ Downloads


    • You can celebrate the success of your kids in many ways. Most kids love to watch cartoons and kids' shows. Plano can help you set a daily screen time of 30 minutes for your kid to enjoy their favorite cartoon or show. What's more, you can watch together to be part of the celebration.

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    Helping you create Instagram worthy photos - one like at a time. 👍

    4.7 Ratings 4M+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads


    • Whether your child was placed 1st in a sporting event or graduated elementary school, a thoughtful way to celebrate or appreciate these successes could be through a well designed card. Choose from 100s of designs that let you add a personal touch to it.


Best Apps to Celebrate Your Kids Successes