When you think about choosing a career, do you see yourself studying marine life and learning more about them? If so, maybe you're ready to become an oceanographer. We'll look at some apps that can help you on your way.


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    Track sharks in near real-time

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    • I love shark movies, and I love this app. It's so cool to be able to track the sharks and see where they are when you are at the beach. Of course, it can be a bit hairy if you know there's 1-2 sharks in the area, but it's still fun to use.

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    Gain new skills. Access 2000 courses from 140 institutions. Join for free.

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    • Oceanography is one of the more complex natural sciences. Consisting of 5 different branches - biological, chemical, geological, physical, and paleoceanography - it takes a while to master. edX is a good way to obtain a pretty decent understanding of it in a matter of weeks.

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Best Apps to Become an Oceanographer