Acid reflux is a pain - literally. But you can use apps to learn what triggers your acid reflux. Read on to find out more. 


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  • Eat Smart Kiwi: Food Diary and Health Tracker

    Record how you feel and what you eat each day. We find the pattern between them

    Eat Smart Kiwi

    23 Reviews 10K+
    • I had terrible acid reflux, and was basically told I'd have to take Prilosec every day forever to "resolve" it. Eat Smart Kiwi lets you record everything you eat/drink and how bad your acid reflux is each day, and figures out which foods help it and which foods make it worse. It does this over multiple timescales (i.e. it checks if a food makes acid reflux worse over the next hour, next few hours, next day...) Even though my acid reflux seemed awful every day, it was sometimes 7/10 bad and sometimes 9/10 bad, and the analysis soon revealed that bananas (and some other fruits to a lesser extent) were the culprit. I would not have guessed this by myself, but sure enough, when I cut that stuff, I was cured. I also take a few seconds extra to record acne, headaches, mood, and a few other things to get insights into what affects those too. When at my comptuer, I use it on the web (https://www.eatsmartkiwi.com) and it syncs with the Android/iOS app almost instantly.


  • Cara Care: FODMAP, IBD, IBS Tracker, Poop Tracker

    Track and understand your digestive health, IBS, IBD, and the low FODMAP diet.

    Cara by HiDoc Technologies GmbH

    4K+ Reviews 50K+
    • Nobody wants to be woken up at 1 am because of a burning sensation in their throat due to acid reflux. That’s why it’s a good idea to track your food and find out what causes you the most problems.


  • Acid Reflux Diet Helper

    Acid reflux diet food list for those with Acid Reflux / GERD and dysphagia.

    Appstronaut Studios

    162 Reviews 10K+
    • Those who experience acid reflux especially while sleeping can relate to its being a pretty awful experience. This tool helps you identify good and bad foods for GERD/heartburn/acid reflux symptoms. There's a community of users who rate their experience from taking certain foods on a scale of 1-100% with one percent being the most likely to cause acid reflux and a hundred percent indicating the safest foods for those prone to the condition.


  • See How You Eat Food Diary App

    Easy food tracking journal & eating habits coach

    Health Revolution Ltd

    3K+ Reviews 100K+
    • Treating your acid reflux has to start with understanding what's causing it. The best way to determine that is by keeping a diary of the food you ate. Record all 3 meals with this app and you'll know before long which foods spark your reflux.


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Best Apps for Treating Someone with Acid Reflux