Apps for traveling to Afghanistan not only allow you to make the most of your trip, they'll also help you stay safe and enjoy every minute. 


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    Are you planning to visit Afghanistan? We have the best application for you.

    4.7 Ratings 23 Reviews


    • If you're new to Afghanistan, there may be 5 must-see spots within 30 minutes of you, but you'd never know it. With help from your phone, you won't miss out on anything during your trip.

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    The travel app for backpackers and budget travelers looking for a dorm or a room

    4.8 Ratings 80K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • This is my personal favorite accommodation app, especially when you're exploring places that are a little bit off the beaten path. You'll not only find comfortable lodging in safe areas, but you'll also save up to 20% on accommodations for your trip.

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    Food and groceries delivered zoot zoot

    4.3 Ratings 159 Reviews 5K+ Downloads


    • If you feel hungry at about 9 pm but don't want to get away from your hotel in Afghanistan, you can use this tool to order food. It's the only food delivery app that works in Afghanistan and you'll find a considerable number of eateries signed up to the service.

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Best Apps for Traveling to Afghanistan