Halloween is a great time to have a party. If you're planning to throw a ghoulish blast, here are some tips for using apps to make it easier!


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  • Etsy: Buy Custom, Handmade, and Unique Goods

    Shop our global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods

    Etsy, Inc

    1M+ Reviews 10M+
    • An original Halloween costume can cost a pretty penny and there's no point in spending over $100 for an one-night costume. You can find handmade stuff and easily create custom costumes that will scare and amaze friends at the same time.


  • Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

    The most personal recipe app. Start cooking recipes and food you want now.


    138K+ Reviews 5M+
    • Making delicious food for your guests is an integral part of your Halloween party. Whether you're expecting just 10 guests or over 50 people from your neighborhood, a pumpkin salad can make a big difference in throwing a successful party. Find the right recipe to prepare.


  • Evite: Free Virtual Invitations & Video Chat

    Free Online & Text Invitations For Your Party


    495K+ Reviews 1M+
    • There's so much that goes into planning an amazingly spooky Halloween party. Whether you are inviting 20 or 200 guests, sending out invitations is a big task. Instead of buying invitataion cards and writing everytihng out by hand, you can save time by using this helpful app. Send out text invitations or create your own custom templates with this useful app.

    • Halloween is a great opportunity to have your friends around and celebrate by getting them more scared than ever. Tubi TV is an amazing app that provides you with the experience needed to scare people. https://androidfantasy.org/verified-free-movie-apps/


  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee!

    Movies & TV shows, anywhere. Stream with no subscription, buy only what you want


    228K+ Reviews 10M+
    • When you have 10 or 20 of your friends over on Halloween night, why not treat them to a scary good time with some horror movies on Vudu? It will make your party a scream! My friends and I love this app - there’s always free movies to watch in all genres.


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Best Apps for Throwing an Awesome Halloween Party