Parenting isn’t easy and discussing difficult topics with your kids may feel impossible. Parents can freely discuss difficult topics with their kids as they deem fit based on a child’s age, your personal opinions on every topic, and religious views. Fortunately, apps can help.


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    Stream & Watch Your PBS KIDS Favorites! Watch Full Episodes, Live TV & Cartoons!

    4.2 Ratings 54K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • Kids are naturally curious, especially from the age of 5 or 6 onwards. They tend to ask all kinds of questions to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. When your kids ask difficult questions, find relevant videos on the topic on PBS KIDS Video to help them understand the answer to their questions. It has over 500 interesting videos on various topics to keep your kids engaged.

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    Play along with Buddy Bear and Feeling Fox as they learn to talk about feelings.

    4.7 Ratings 31 Reviews 1K+ Downloads


    • Scientists believe children can feel 8 times more intensely than adults do. Still, young ones are not always able to express their emotions correctly. Let Buddy Bear and Feeling Fox help your kids verbalize their feelings by teaching them the right words.

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    GeckoLife: Personal & Group Communication, Simplified

    4.4 Ratings 95 Reviews 5K+ Downloads


    • Kids love to ask the strangest questions at the times you least expect. Smartphones also seem to hold their attention for long periods. This social platform designed for kids 8 combines these two facts to bring you a way of addressing these questions without all the awkwardness.

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Best Apps for Talking to Your Kids About Difficult Topics