Blizzards are a common occurrence during winter time. It’s a dangerous weather calamity and can cause infrastructure damages and death. Our mobile app suggestions can help you be prepared when disaster strikes.


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    Browse, search & buy millions of products right from your Android device.

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    • When there’s a blizzard forecast for the end of the week and they’re calling for 12 to 24 inches or more, you want to make sure you have batteries, food, canned goods, and more. All of this can be ordered from Amazon, and if you have Amazon prime shipping, they may even be free. I use this app all the time for ordering food and more.

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    Weather radar, hyperlocal tracker and weather maps: follow your weather station

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    • You need to have an accurate weather report and forecast in order to truly prepare yourself for an incoming blizzard. Knowing that information, say 2 days in advance, could give you ample time to stock up on supplies and prepare the house as well as the whole family.

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Best Apps for Preparing for a Blizzard