Land measuring apps can help speed up the survey process exponentially and help you get info on plots of land even without being there in person. 


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    Measure area, distance and perimeter with the greatest tool

    4.6 Ratings 91K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • Measuring an uneven patch of land does not have to take 5 hours. You can easily determine the property lines, prepare for a building project, or simply survey an area you wish to explore. Use your camera to measure in motion and the GPS option will improve accuracy on the go.

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    The best tool for land survey, fields area, perimeter, distance measure with GPS

    4.2 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Wouldn't it be convenient if you could survey land by looking at a map on your phone? What if you could see the difference quickly between 30 yards and 35 yards on a plot of land without being there in person? Welcome to the 21st century.

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Best Apps for Measuring Land Area & Distance