Are you interested in renewable sources of energy? Do you want to harness the potential of the sun in creating a sustainable future for the planet? Get started by downloading one of these apps.


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    Onyx Solar's App provides a free-of-charge photovoltaic estimation and IRR

    3.4 Ratings 231 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • You might want to check if your investment in a solar panel will payback within 10 - 12 years depending on your usage. This app will help evaluate the sunlight based on the current location and determine the right value.

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    Estimate solar energy potential of your site or roof and bill savings.

    4.2 Ratings 102 Reviews 1K+ Downloads


    • Dreaming of saving more than 50% on your energy bill using solar panels? You'll need to figure out exactly where to place them for savings that large. Now you can use your phone to take care of that.

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    Unofficial application for checking your PV solar data on power data center.

    3.6 Ratings 39 Reviews 1K+ Downloads


    • If you need an easy way to keep track of your photovoltaic solar inverter, this solar tracking software provides can help with it. You'll need a Wi-Fi box or Wi-Fi card in order to access the 18 features built to make tracking your solar cell stress-free.

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Best Apps for Making the Most of Solar Power